Rescue Journal

enjoying quiet time

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2013

it is going to be a busy day here today...I bet the day will zip by pretty fast.

but right now it is slow, it is quiet, everyone is favorite time of the day is before the rest of the saints world awakes.

can't sit here enjoying the peace for too much longer tho cuz I have a lot of stuff to do today.

cooper woke up crying and frightened three times last night. I know he wants to go back to the mp room but he can't. the good thing which I think is slowly seeping into his brain is...over here..he is never alone. so if he wakes up crying, I will be there quickly, helping him settle again. it sucks to be moving old, settled dogs around, but sometimes it just can't be helped. he made the adjustment to the mp room...he will make the adjustment to over here. pepper does feel much safer without cooper bugging him every time he is blindly wandering. and visa versa..cooper will eventually be happier without having to be pissed at pepper when pepper is awake and bumping around...that really irritated coop and I don't think he liked being pissed a lot of the time. cooper is naturally a pretty content old guy...I think he would like to stay that way...he just doesn't realize it yet.

the more I work with animals, the more I realize the complexity of melding so many personalities into peaceful communal living. so many factors affect quality of life for each many things about one impact another or many.

these are not "just" horses, or cats or dogs or pigs...these are individuals with individual needs. and each needs different things independent of their species needs. I can't just say..well it's a cow fer chrissakes..this is what all cows need, this is how all cows behave...all cows are different, just like people, not every single cow is exactly the same.

I know some stuff about all of our species in general...but I know much more about our guys individually as singular personalities.

I should quit calling saints a multi-species sanctuary...I should call it a multi-personality sanctuary.

each one is one among many but each one is one unto themselves.

shit..better get moving, the clock is ticking..and soon lot's will be going on around here. I better be ready to meet it all...I can start by actually getting dressed.