Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2013

jesse went down yesterday..looks like the same kind of spinal thing that took him down a few months ago. hopefully with some rest and upping his meds, we can get him back up on his feet again soon.

erin found frankie the parapalegic pitbull on another rescue group's web page. I wondered why I hadn't heard back from his owner at the end of march to arrange about future admission as we agreed. oh well, at least I know now that I don't have to save him a spot or try figure out how or when or where to fit him in here. one less dog to worry about but it would have been nice if the owner had let us know.

anyway..i think morally since I was holding that spot, I should let the shelters know, we have one spot for one at the end of the road, desperate dog in need. someone else might be happy for a final chance to actually keep on living. honestly folks just don't get how critical it is for someone to have an actual place available to them is wasteful of life to tie up a space here that someone no longer needs.

it kind of pisses me off...who has died in the past few weeks who maybe could have had Frankie's spot here.

big sigh..i was honestly worried about bringing that dog here but I had already committed to him so I would have brought him in and done the best that we could. I just wish people would let me know when they make other arrangements so I can cross that particular animal off my list and maybe help someone else instead.

this is the problem with owner surrenders...they only care about one where as we care about many.
oh well one spot for an end of the line shelter dog..i am done with owner surrenders at least for now. I will call ivanna this morning and let her know saints has one available spot.
I guess we will see who needs it and when.



I did not explain myself well in my 1st post Carol. If I was Frankie's human and read your comments on the post, I wouldn't doubt your committment to Frankie but I would have not brought Frankie to SAINTS because I would have felt I was burdening you because of your concerns. For me the issue would not be about committment but about burdening another. The difference was that I would have told you instead of just not contacting you. However, I am just suggesting that maybe Frankie's human may think like me because those are the thoughts that went through my head when I read your original post. But it is also extremely possible that Frankie's human thinks nothing like me and just buggered off.


i personally was waiting to meet him, i was willing to foster frankie from saints if he was accepting of the others in my house (though it may not have worked anyways, as the profile on him says not ok w/cats) so im rather disappointed. just too bad the owner didnt keep in touch.


Yes, I just checked, the date of the posting on the other rescue's website is Dec 3,2012. They don't have a bricks and mortar rescue, they post photos, some dogs are in foster care and some they are trying to re-home for owners.
I believe that is a couple months before Frankie's owner contacted you. He sounded like he was getting more desparate and trying to do the right thing for Frankie. I remember you mentioned he had contacted the Bully rescues but they turned him down as Frankie was a paraplegic.
The other posting has not changed since it was first posted, still says "caring, forever home desperately needed". I agree, in his efforts it sounds like he cross posted.
Whatever happened, I hope it has worked out for Frankie.


oh..thats interesting nancy that he has been on their since before we were contacted..he did not tell me that at the time....maybe Frankie is still with his owner and just cross posted on their website. I don't know who has the dog now I guess..and I don't know then if Frankie is still my problem...but I amguessing not since the end of march is long past.

I have no problem if he changed his mind,,,much easier for me. the issues is we made arrangements for him to contact me 3 weeks ago to set up an admission date. if this was no longer needed or wanted, it would have been nice if I knew. I wouldn't have changed my mind and turned Frankie away..i said I was committed when I wrote that post so if he read that and knew I was worried, he knew I was still holding a spot too.


How do you know the owner doesn't read the blog and read your worries/concerns about having Frankie come to SAINTS and decided he shouldn't send Frankie. It would have been nice of him to let you know though. I am not saying you wouldn't have done the best you could for him Carol because I know you always do but if I read your concerns about a dog I was surrendering, I probably would have changed my mind but still told you so.


I hate it when plans are made and the person never gets back to you. It's a thing called manners that no one seems to have these days


I had seen Frankie's picture on the other rescue website (ABLDR, is that the one you mean?) long before his owner came to Saints. He seems to have been trying for a long time to get help for Frankie. Perhaps with no interest at that website he was looking for other avenues of help for Frankie. Yes, maybe he should've let you know that Frankie was on another waiting list, but I give him credit for trying everything he can to help Frankie.


yes it would have been nice to know about frankie. well at least some other desparate dog will get a much needed chance at being loved. let me know about tonight if you need me .