Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2013

jesse is back up on his feet again.he is able to get up and down/in and out on his own so that is a relief. he sure is a very strong old dog inside himself...jesse is a get and go getter in the extreme!

leah is settled into her small recovery area. there is just enough room for her to get up and turn around..maybe take a couple of steps. perfect size to rest and recover. she is not a totally happy camper but she will be fine because leah by nature is an accepting dog...she will accept what she absolutely has to.
in the long run this is her greatest asset to healing well.

the bunny bonding between Lincoln and Anthony Hopkins was a dismal failure. Anthony just stayed in the corners away from Lincoln and pretty much stopped eating or drinking. I finally separated them again last night, I think Anthony is one of those bunnies who felt safe with his brother but will not allow himself to trust anyone else. I can probably bond Lincoln eventually with another bunny but Anthony will be most comfortable solo now.

cooper was sleeping outside on the dog bed this morning...he better not have spent most of the night out. mystic was out too but she was sleeping in the dog house..idiot dogs, it rained last night..i hope they weren't both really stupid and did in fact sleep most of the night inside THIS house. I better close the doggy door just in case at night from now on...cooper's arthritis is too advanced for camping out.

sorry I didn't post last night..too busy..too tired and too plain just worn right out.



Yea for Jesse..he is such a strong dog in heart and soul he insists on staying out at the barn the entire time we are out there on the weekends..sometimes i wish he wud get smart and go back in and rest like Al used to..and come back out when we are packing up and heading to the MG. Love you Jesse dog.