Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2013

early to bed, late to rise must mean yer freaking tired!

I probably will not need help with leah in the evenings since apparently she has already decided how we will do things. last night, lynne came out. we got lea to stand up ready to go out, slipped the slings under to help support her and she promptly laid down again refusing to move. trust me, you ain't moving a 130 pound stubborn mule who says she is not going to move....and I am smart enough to not to push the issue cuz my back will lose.

I will call the vets today to see how far I can let leah push this. I am thinking if she is insisting on carefully walking out leashed but on her own steam with someone ready to step in with support, that may well be, how we will have to do things. the problem of course may be the good pain may be causing this trouble with leah not accepting that she needs extra help.

whatever..i will call the vet and then try to safely figure it out.

I do understand this..i have human elderly patients like her...fiercely independent, gonna get it done themselves, in their own freaking way. you have to be willing to negotiate to find a safe middle of the road that meets their need for both independence and support to keep them safe.

so much easier to nurse pliable beings who will just do what you say! up late so I better get moving, thank gawd it's Friday!



wow that really sucks for the dog. so she is retired so she is now no longer wanteda. do not get me started carly.


Because she's got 3 dogs and the 2 younger ones do flyball.Maggie is retired from it.Plus she's moving to a 2 bedroom condo.


Leah sounds exactly like Bernard. As soon as he saw me bring out the sling, he would scramble to get himself up on his own.


A friend of mine needs to rehome her eldest jack russell. I know she won't be good for saints because she hates small dogs! I just want to help put the word out if anyone would like a cuddly senior jack russel.She loves walks,kids and bigger dogs...and playing ball. Hope it was ok to ask on the blog