Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2013

I am getting quite worried about cooper..his arthritis is really bugging him. I hear him crying whenever he tries to lay down. he is ok once he is down and not too bad when he is up but the process of laying down really hurts him..his elbows I think are the worst.
he is on the usual magic arthritic mix...cartropen injections, NSAIDS, Elavil and tramadol..and there is not much further in pain management left to go.
arthritic pain in the elbow joints is one of the most difficult to treat effectively..the front legs are such huge weight bearers.
anyway..watching and thinking about cooper, hopefully this is just an unhappy arthritic flare which will settle down in a day or two.

not seeing much improvement in more week to see if the new meds/treatments help..if not it will be time to think about letting him go...worrying about river also.

hay and shavings delivery this week plus I need to do a big feed run.

plus this is the week to finally finish up Deanna's stuff..i really need to get it done but am just so busy without enough time off to get to it all. I am off until Friday so I will concentrate on getting it finally done once and for all. I now actually have the signed will, we found it last week so things should be easier now to complete.



I am sorry sarah...but once the animals are here..their past life is over. no point in confusing him with a sudden blast from the past at the end of his days. this would not be to meet his needs, it just has the potential to upset and worry him at a time that we want him to feel safe, secure and content. he has had to let go of his life before saints to accept being content here today. he put the trauma of that loss of home and family behind him and moved on, I won't remind him of it at the end of his days.

I know you love him but...the rule is...we just can't have all of their previous families descending on us when their time is would be awkward for us and unfair to the animals.

not to worry...when cooper's time actually does come, we will ensure he has a very good and peaceful day. our commitment and relationship with coop is every day since he arrived here..not just on the beginning and middle days, but on the very last ones as well...we are here for him every day.


Please call me about Papa John, I left my number on your voice mail.


i was actually quite surprised at how sore cooper was today. i guess we could try no more going on the morning walk (thatll hurt his feelings tho....)and a lunchtime tram, which he did have today. and i had a thought about bo, what if hes got a sensitivity to bleach? i caught him going at his feet today, right after i mopped.


Carol, please let me know if you have to make the big decision for Cooper, I want to take him for lunch and be with him, and I'll pay . Do you think it's soon? Oh geez..... Sarah


Aww, sorry to hear River and cooper are not doing so well. Both unch sweet guys. River is quite chatty and affectionate