Rescue Journal

the day isn't getting much better.

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2013

dave phoned me from eastridge...the issue is not so much if they will have time to do hilda's surgery. the issue is can they do the kind of surgery hilda needs. the last hernia repair on her didn't even last a month. repeat surgeries are never a great thing or that successful either. she may well need the specialty surgery with a mesh inserted to fix the problem. the problem is the specialty bill with her pre op stuff and emergency fees will hit close to ten thousand dollars. it will wipe us out, no money for payroll, no money for feed, no money to pay for hydro and electricity, no money for any other midnight trips to emergency.
we will be broke.

scary thought.

this will be the first time ever that I have had to make a medical decision based on the realities of money. it sucks and it is tearing me up. we can run large accounts owing at our own vets (they are so very good to us!), but the emergency and specialty fees at the critical care clinics need to be paid in advance. it sucks but it is the reality of how it is. and I can't send saints down the tubes to give hilda the very best that she deserves cuz she won't have a home left when she recovers if I do.

our vets will certainly try to surgically close the opening of hilda's hernia as long as we understand that it will probably just open again. I think that is the only option open to us right now...hope floats a bit I guess.

angel is in the vets and it is not hypoglycemia bringing her down. she is quite ill and we are not sure why but it is not because her blood sugars are low. they will be drawing blood and sending it off and hopefully we will have an answer for her really soon.

the barn roof is leaking and needs to be replaced, we have to fence off part of the lower field around the steep chicken coop hill to keep Gideon safe, I guess we can kiss the back room cat rooms painting goodbye for now too.

it totally still sucks today to be in rescue.



What a horribly hard decision! I hate money! And especially the role it can take in this kind of decision! Love and gentle hugs to you all!

shelagh f

oh, my, what a lot of worries. Just wanted to send
good thought to you, not as good as money, but best
I can do for now.