Rescue Journal

the three musteteers

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2013

mo, tammy and I got some of the MUST stuff done!!!

erin gives bo a ton of toys to rip the shit out of when she leaves for the day. I get to watch him roll around on the gym matts ripping the eyes and the crotch out of poor little sesame street ernie.

for such a big, oafishishly destructive dog..he is somehow so cute and endearing.

mo and tammy and i got the little outside turkey, chicken play yard done. I think we did a pretty damn good job!
we also with a small setback delay, got the upper field harrowed, fertilized and we just have to wait for the grass to grow. I sure hope it rains this weekend!!!!

angel is home from the vets, mo and tammy went and picked her up while I hit the hardware store again. we will keep her caged for a few days while she recovers from her surgery.

the dogs enjoyed being able to hang out with us while we worked on the outside pen. at one point mo had to stop hammering a board so first mystic and then benny could give her kisses.

jesse had a tough morning..he got himself all messed up and then panicked. erin called me while i was out to tell me he was in a real state and unable to get up again. interestingly enough, he forgot all about his troubles and was instantly up on his feet as soon as he saw that mo was here...jesse LOVES mo and he was not missing any of the walks around the pond inbetween our working.

it was a good day..we got lot's of big stuff done..i am excited that we actually got the pasture done so early this year..that is good cuz it sure took a huge beating this past winter!

brent...please can you call me re: the new turkey area so you have an idea what still needs to be done?
thx so much!


Barb H

Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Glad the tasks went so well and with all those willing 4-legged helpers.


Wow!!! That is totally awesome!!! Very glad to hear great news!????????????????