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the getting ready for open house list.

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2013

the next few weeks are going to be busy for me..i only have one day off between each working stretch..some of this is due to picking up a couple of extra casual shifts in mission..and part of this is our contract has changed and we have gone from a fulltime 32.5 hour work week to a 37 hour fulltime work week which means I now have to add 10 extra shifts a year to my rotation..which personally I think totally sucks. it is one thing to pick up extra shifts because I want is another to have to pick extra shifts up.

whatever....I have more vacation time booked pre/post open house time is not that far away.

I am making my list of stuff that needs to be done before the open house hits and I caution folks not to get their nose out of joint if something they said they would take care of, ends up on my list. the reality is..everyone..myself included... says we are going to do something and sometimes it just doesn't get done. we all get busy, we all get distracted, we all are of that age that we sometimes forget or our priorities change. the list is non-personal, it doesn't point is simply a list of what needs to be done and not a single thing on it belongs to anyone, it belongs to all of us, to whoever does actually get it done.. is just shit that we really need done before the open house hits.

so don't be bugging me if powerwashing or weedpulling is on the list and you already said you would do is on the list until it gets done and at this point the need to do it belongs to everyone until someone actually does it..then I can cross it off of the to do list.

it is not a list of wishful thinking or patiently waiting because if no one else gets to this stuff..i only have so much time of my own to get it all done. and I will hire out certain jobs if I have to because time is limited and water restrictions are coming...I simply cannot wait to see what happens and end up leaving too much on the list to do until the week off I have to get ready before the open house...there is far too much to do.

we have 7 weeks of most of us working fulltime to shipshape this place...if we use our usual days off from work to do extra stuff around here..that means we basically only have 14 actual getting shit done days.

anyway..i will post the list on the wall in the kitchen by the end of this weekend..please don't tick it off by future intention..tick it off when it is actually done. if someone gets to it first, please pick something else...there will be lots to chose from that still needs to be done.



seriously? saints is so big, it is an issue for anyone to have to walk to the house???

how about we keep the list central to me so when folks call, or email or chase me down and want to know what is left that needs to be done..i can get up and look and NOT have to put on my freaking shoes, wind up the dogs as I go out the door to truck out to the mp room to look over and over again.

honestly we won't ever get anything done if the simple location of the list which was not even up for discussion is going to itself pose a huge problem.

I will however post it instead in the house entranceway so folks won't need to go into the kitchen and don't need to worry about getting past odie (and whatever mood he is in...) to look at the list. that should make it easy enough for everybody.


yah i guess then we would all have to walk to all the lists to see what needs doing. and whos dong it maybe the mproom would be the best place to post. it is central to everyone and gives everyone a chance to pick something. just an idea.


sorry folks..i am not posting duplicate lists in house, mp building, shop and barn. if someone wants to help us get ready for the open house, they will have to make a point to walk to the house to look at the list of what needs to be gets too confusing updating multiple lists multiple times in multiple places.


Yes, it would be great if a list can be posted in the shop for us folks who rarely get into the house. Not quite sure how we'd co-ordinate crossing of an item when a job has been done though - it might get crossed off one list and still show as active on another. Maybe the person who completes the job would have to cross it off on both lists (unless it was obviously finished).

Bunny Horne

FYI we have received our official acceptance to participate in the DENMAN STREET CAR FREE DAY FESTIVAL June 16, 2013. We hope to be located on Denman Street between Comox & Nelson Streets. Along with the information booth we will have "gift with donation" and photo ops with the GRINCH vacationing in English Bay.

The second event we've been approved for is the West End Community Yard Sale. Last year a number of vendors bitched and complained because we were selling items at ridiculously low prices for charity and they couldn't compete. The organizers response was "then buy them out, mark it up and sell it at your own table". The fees for both events are already paid.

Bunny Horne

I never go into the house - can you also post it in the shop near the washer and dryer so that people that don't access the house know what's on it.