Rescue Journal

it is not really surprising....

Carol  ·  May 1, 2013

that I spent the day working and this evening over at the emergency clinic. papa john (foster with dawn) had what I am pretty sure was a heart attack. so dawn rushed him over to emerg and I met them there. papa john had to stay in on oxygen with round the clock medical support and I made dawn take me out for my birthday dinner to the olive garden which was just around the corner. I figured dawn need her mind taken off her worry and I needed something to eat..fair trade...except I ate too much and now I feel yucky.

thank you everyone for the very kind happy birthday wishes.

can't say it was a great birthday,,but papa is in very good hands so that is good.

our bank account is really taking a hit with the recent trips to emerg tho...ouch. but here is the pain, no gain...if papa john pulls thru like I expect him to will be money well spent. I will let you know how he is doing tomorrow...and dawn quit worrying!

desi was also at the vets was a vet I don't know really well. he felt she was suffering from end stage kidney disease based on her condition today and recommended euthanization. I went to the clinic on my lunch break to be with her but once there decided not to go ahead with it... yet.
she was just too bright and full of life. I asked them to draw blood so we can see exactly where her kidneys are at because she has had watery diarrhea for the past few days and maybe this was what was dehydrating her instead of end stage kidney disease. renee picked her up after this was done and brought her home. since desi is not in acute distress, we can be patient and wait to see what the blood work shows. if I am going to be ending her life, I want to be sure her life is actually ending and not something that's fixable.

as far as birthdays are concerned...all in all... it was a good day...everyone in my care is currently alive and safe at the end of today.

sort of sucks to be 55 tho!


another Doreen

Happy Birthday you young thing!
Glad you were treated to the Olive Garden and had a good day, you sure deserve!


Just met Papa John the other day and fell instantly in love. Sending positive thoughts to you Dawn & Papa John. Glad to hear it wasn't time for Desi to leave us just yet.