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Carol  ·  May 5, 2013

so we had our first picnic of the year..there was only mo, KO, and me...but the humans weren't really the point of it anyway...our picnics are actually for the dogs. quite a few of the dogs passed away between the last picnic of 2012 and this first picnic of 2013...don't want to risk anyone else sneaking off without a recent saints picnic under their is one of their most favorite things of all.

the woman who lost her dog last year came out to look at jesse. she was finally convinced that jesse who has lived here since 2009 really was not her dog. hope does weird things to people. mo said jesse did not like folks looking and talking about made him nervous. dogs are so in tune when we are suddenly focusing and concentrating on them and they don't like it at all.

Gideon is starting his annual spring I am going to lose weight and look like crap thing. I wonder how far he will take it this year before turning around. I don't know why spring is so hard on him but for some reason for the past few years it is. hopefully because the grass in the lower field is really good this year, maybe he won't go as far.

I double checked on his age..he came in, in the spring of 2005 at 29 years old so he is currently 37...(I thought he was 37 last year) so the good news is, I don't need to be adding an extra year to him this year and freaking myself out even more.

and spring brings out the parasites...time to de-worm/de-bug everyone again. we are already on top of those is mite season so we are on it to treat everyone monthly from now on. we better get on top of the goats also..spring is lice season for those little buggers too. and we have already started advantaging the dogs/cats/rabbits...$500 a month during flea season is a huge expense but worth every freaking penny we spend!

I cancelled my Tuesday mission casual shift...with only one day off last week, then another 6 shifts this week.. I just know I am not going to do well with only Monday off before I am back at a another full week. i am reaching that point that I need two days off in a row. i will probably still do lots of stuff anyway..but it will just be here not here and there so that has to be a bit of a break dontcha think???

bo is such a conflict of personalities, he gently kisses babies feet, he lovingly washes the corners of benny's eyes, he uses his big tongue to stroke the cats whenever they rub on him while walking by. yet he is such a trainwreck of a dickhead to dogs he doesn't know or like.
odd boy.

hilda woke up crying last night..i grabbed her and popped her hernia back in and then she was fine. i need someone to help me get that tape off of angels leg..i keep forgetting until no one is here and it is a 2 person job. someone remind me before i go to work to get it done cuz it is driving me nutz every time that i see it still there.

i had a killer headache last night...but thankfully it is gone this morning.

i wish it would rain...the upper field needs water for the seed to sprout and the fertilizer to work and i am worried about running out of water sooner than later this year. better get the water tanks filled just in case...we might have missed the small window of opportunity for pressure washing again. i wasn't counting on such nice dry weather so early this year.

that sucks.

oh well, maybe we will still get a ton of rain soon or maybe we are screwed until next year.