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training the rescuer

Carol  ·  May 6, 2013

there is a high degree of emotionality in rescue...if we weren't emotionally involved, there would be a disconnect between us and the animals. and yet it is our emotions themselves that are a rescuers biggest enemy.

we say that you can't really pick and choose where deep emotions roam. that is why there is so much infighting in rescue, that is why rescuers lose their tempers, that's why we are so over the top about pretty much anything at all.

rescue is highly emotional.

however..this may be the underlying reason why the passionate in rescue sometimes run amok but it really is not much of an excuse. our job is to learn to keep a lid on the deep pit of emotions in rescue so we don't run around messing things up.

it is a life long endeavor..this learning of self control...some days we are better at it than others.

but in the long run it serves not just the animals well but it helps us to do rescue well too.

no one wants to help or support or work with a maniac, bat shit crazy turns everyone off, lunatics can shout to the heavens but no one is standing nearby to hear what they say. and the real bottom line is not good for the animals to be surrounded by ticking emotional bombs just waiting to go off.

in rescue staying calm, rational and reasonable is a necessary responsibility like the paying of taxes or hydro bills.

and I struggle with this but I keep working on it. the blog helps a bit cuz I can vent here and then move on. not sure how many folks I have turned off with the F word but at least the animals all sleep thru my most emotional posts.

I have a gift here that no one else has...I get to watch phoebe and bo play in the mornings, I get to have shane come and lay his ancient head in my hands. no one ever has a chance to hold a peacefully sleeping magical mystic in their arms in the dark. and because of this..i am honor bound to at least try to keep the emotions I feel so strongly, in check on a short leash...most days.

there so many things involved in rescue that that totally piss me off...there so many things that make me frustrated or impatient.

and yet there are 120+ beings depending on me not to be burning bridges, not to be written off as crazy, not to be running around digging a deeper hole for us all.

it puts a different perspective on rescue...I am able to do many things but not allowed to do others. I probably have more can and can'ts, should and shouldn'ts in my life than your average person. I know that I have far less freedom to be me and maybe that is a very good thing.

sometimes I probably need a prong collar to keep me in line but I am working on walking on the rescue leash nicely and politely and at least pretending to be somewhat civilized.

it is not just dogs who need obedience training...most of their rescuers do too.

not so bad to live your life in behave yourself is like eating vegetables...apparently it is good for you.



Wish your wisdom and humour could be cloned all over the place, everywhere including animal rescue...sigh