Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 8, 2013

jerry is home from the vets...he had a dental and a shave down...that was a lot for our grumpy old man. he was pretty upset by it all and needed extra TLC last night and this morning.
erin..please give him 5mgs of tramadol 9am/2pm....and he is cold with his shaving so keep him covered with a fleece if the air conditioning is on....thx.

max goes in today for his dental. I had the staff move him over here in an attempt to keep him clean. didn't work that great...chance pooped and they both dragged themselves thru it so I ended up bathing both of them again last pm.

tammy bravely came again yesterday and helped finish off staining the picnic table set and planting the trees. her help was greatly appreciated because my arm was really hurting me yesterday....seems a bit better this morning.

jake is here...he arrived last evening. their kids are the same ages as Griffin and Annabelle so I got my baby/small child fix in. jake is quite upset by the sudden change in his circumstance. but even if he doesn't know it yet, I do think it will be better for him here. dad works long hours at three different jobs, mom is really busy chasing tiny kids around...jake will have a lot more freedom to just be himself and consequently he won't be in trouble as much.
he looks eerily a lot like copper...his coloring is a bit different, his legs are a bit longer but his face and body shape are pretty close to the same.

he is on house lock down for now...he wants to go home, and he is upset which means he will try his damnest to escape. he pooped and peed in the bedroom last night..looked a bit nervous when I was cleaning it up. but I told him not too worry, it was fine...he doesn't have much choice if I won't yet let him go outside. all will be well for him again in a few days once he sees the advantages of beagle living at saints.

note to staff...he has only been introduced to the bedroom dogs so far. he can fo the walks with a leash and tight collar on, but introduce him one at a time to mystic, june, andy and jess.
renee...he needs a bath and some advantage...bath him in the house tub so he can't slip his collar on the way to the shop...thx.
he is also looking a bit like a cushings dog, so I will get him into the vets once he settles in here.

I will try to get home for lunch to check in with him.



bad staff day...forgot jerrys lunchtime tram, and i bathed but forgot to advantage jake. sorry! all intros done tho, no one had a problem at all. will adv jake tomm. ps- can we just change his name to copper? jake doesnt suit him :)jk. kinda.