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thx folks...

Carol  ·  May 8, 2013

it's nice to know I am talking to real people and not just to a bunch of computerized spammers! and you don't have to comment if you don't want to...I just needed to check that folks were still out there and I wasn't blabbing away all alone!

lets face it..talking to ones self as much as I talk here might be considered crazy...I must avoid crazy at all costs.

FYI..jake ain't so horribly upset tonight. he has got his chubby little butt up on my bed..big time into licking my face off and I think he is enjoying having a lot of attention again. sorry that sandy's time is edging glad your parents gave that sadly misunderstood little dog, such a great home.

both daphne and hilda are doing really well folks..thx for asking about them..they both are good as new...(sort of.)

and jenn.."I am reading"....too funny, i know damn well you skim and cherry pick thru the blog... I am pretty sure you are checking in to make sure I haven't fully lost my mind and don't need an intervention...yet.



Hi Carol.. I read you a few times a day...from Mississauga ,Ontario..
(time difference.) keep caught up ..presently been in London UK. so check at even stranger & more times (8 Hours spamming from here... love your daily blogs,you are a great communicator & look after all of the animals beautifully...You & Turtle Gardens are my favourite blogs......thx for all you do ..marion J.


Whew! Glad to hear that other people also check your blog more than once a day. I read it in the AM & PM...almost thought I was stalking you :) Keep up the great work!


Hey mom! Stop reading my mind! Lol but that is true I mostly am checking in on YOU

Bunny Horne

Any up date on Gilbert's eye? How is he doing?
Just wondered, do you need the skylights covered again this year? Just trying to plan. Don't forget I have that industrial plastic in storage that was given to me last year.
Can I get permission to start planning a skookum water feature for Wills & Lotti and Mr. Brad Pitt so that they can refresh themselves during the hot summer days?

Ellen Nickerson

I go to your blog just about every time I go on line, especially if you miss a day. My routine, check e mail, read newspaper, go to Saints. Love your posts. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. Keep posting.I live in Nova Scotia so with the time change, I keep checking for the morning post.


I always come in every day_ night to read and check in to see if there is some one talking to them self 'just like I do ''lol good night I read every night ' be safe' cheers Polly'