Rescue Journal

ok..i am home for lunch so i will do a quick post...

Carol  ·  May 9, 2013

that gawd awful noise that now sometimes vibrates out of saints is jake, the new dog. instead of the annoying but somewhat musical beagle woodle...he sounds more like a very distressed goose. he does not like it when he is alone or someone actually leaves the room or some of the dogs get to go for a run and his group is left awaiting their turn.

our new little man is liking human company a little bit too much. someone is setting himself up for a big case of SA and that will make finding him a new home harder than for the average bear. that really sucks.

jake is a super sweet dog and my goal is for him to get his knickers in less of a knot and to begin to enjoy who he is. he doesn't have much of a sense of humor yet..he doesn't believe it is totally ok and he can be adorably beagle-bad. instead of running around causing chaos...right now he just wants one of us to be with him all of the time.

it will take a bit to build back up his confidence that we will always be somewhere around and are not going to diasappear on him.

can't wait for him to cheerfully turn our world upside down..that is how beagles were made.