Rescue Journal

i don't think it will be a good day.

Carol  ·  May 12, 2013

it wasn't a great night last night..i continued to be out of sorts.

just as well cuz it wasn't a great night for cooper either. when he was down. his pain was level was less. he actually seemed more comfortable. but with adding the robaxin the other got him back up on his feet on his own yesterday, which means he could wander at will and last night he was hurting again.

I finally gave him an extra double dose of tramadol at 02:30 and he was able to settle and sleep. not sure what to do looks like he hurts more when he can get up and do what he wants. I could take the robaxin out of his med mix and let him go down and stay down again. but even tho he hurts less if he is forced to stay down, I don't think he is all that happy about actually being down.
oh what to do, what to do??? we have pulled out and used all of the big gun shit..he is just finished his cartrophen injection regime without any noticeable improvement. he is on high doses of meloxicam, amitriptyline, tramadol and robaxin....I can't think of anything else left to try. we've already given him the best of everything that has worked for others in the last ditch chronic severe pain control cupboard is seemingly bare.

ahhh shit..he is crying back in a minute, he is awake and needs his meds.

ok..he is repositioned, I will let the meds cook for bit to reach full effect, then I will get him up to pee. but I think, I am going to have to do looks like we are reaching the point of irredeemable suffering.

I fucking hate losing animals to something as trivial as is almost always manageable...unless it hits their freaking elbows...that is the absolute worse.

I am pretty sure angel is looking for griffin..she keeps going to his playpen corner, and standing on the new bed, trying to figure out where the grumpy, noisy little dog went.

bo and phebers were just playing...

yikes! someone is's only 8 am and the dogs are going insane. was one of the new volunteers, she didn't know about the 9 am start time. oh yay..still in my pj's, crazy cat lady hair not brushed, yelling at the dogs to shut the hell up before they upset the neighbors...great impression I made as I sent her away.

I guess I better get dressed (and brush my hair)....apparently the day has started before I was ready.



We were recently at the point you are at with Cooper...and now we're at the point of painful empty spaces that you are at with Griffin. They both suck and I'm so sorry you get to experience them both at once.


Adequan injections?
Came across as a treatment for arthritis on Dr.Karen Beckers webpage a while back.
Know nothing about it - but thought I would send on as situation sounds dire.
'can stimulate joint fluid very rapidly in pets with arthritis.'


my only-5-year-old sheltie has arthritis in BOTH elbows of her rear legs and we don't even do anything strenuous like agility... chuck-it in the back yard and leash-walks down the local Greenway. How the hell does a 5 year old dog get arthritis?


Have you ever tried Oxycontin for the dogs? That's my absolute last ditch effort I've used a few times.