Rescue Journal

quick updates.

Carol  ·  May 12, 2013

well, I had an evening nap, just one more load of laundry to fold and I am over my saints style water torture trauma. cindy quite likes the bathroom door being open with the dehumidifier on..she has been sleeping up on the sink for the past several hours.

the big news today is...mumford went into trial permanent foster care with dawn today. both she and Trudy are still missing papa john so mumford was the chosen one to cheer them both up.

I gave cooper too many drugs this morning, poor guy was not feeling too much of anything and was stoned out of his gourd. he is more with it tonight. at bedtime, I took him off everything and just doubled up his tramadol and so far, he is fairly well balanced between comfort and a functioning brain.

now that I am not flipping out really was not such a bad mothers day...I talked to all of my kids, jenn took me out for an early dinner, mumford just won the home lottery and cooper is doing ok.

oh and lets not forget...thank freaking goodness for the well and the pasture grass....that it has finally started to rain.



Mumford currently does not think he won the home lottery...first a bath, mostly becasue he gets car sick (yuck) and then a bum trim (double yuck). Then because I don't know if he's housetrained or not on came the belly band (humiliating) and no Carol he's not housetrained....rough day for the little bugger. He's pretty cute, loves to have his ears rubbed and seems how he's stopped sniffing Trudy's butt she may let him live, she's still sleeping with one eye open. He walks well on a leash and really seemed to enjoy being out and about, almost had a strut going on. Once he settles he will make a wonderfull addition to our family.
Thanks again to everyone who supports Saints, I'm truly blessed to have him and all my past Saints in my life.


So good to hear Mothers Day wasn't so bad. Hope for a good nights sleep