Rescue Journal

the caring circle.

Carol  ·  May 13, 2013

I love waking up in the night to hear bucketfuls of rain coming from the skies.
it is such a perfect time for it to be happening...all of our animals are in and not feeling soaking wet miserable, I don't have to feel sorry for any of our humans slogging away out in it.

just pure guilt/worry-free rain saturating the ground.

cooper had an ok crying til 6 am. he has gone back to sleep again.

I am thinking I should go back to bed for an hour but I probably won't.

I picked up hilda's med refills yesterday...that only left $200 in the account. good thing the plant sale and bosleys fundraising money is coming or we would be totally screwed.

and BTW...great big thx to the plant sale guardian angels for the past couple of weekends for all of their hard work to help FVHS, Elizabeths wildlife and saints...that's a lot of animals the guardian angels have helped!!

if we had a dollar for every tear shed around here...we would never need to worry about money. but since tears are apparently free we depend quite heavily on fundraising to pay the bills.
we have made it thru this first part of the year..hopefully with continued help and support from so many people in so many ways, we will make it thru the rest of the year too.

everyone who helps saints..helped griffin, hubby, and al....they continue to help hilda, river, Crosby, cooper, Dixie, gilbert and jake.

it is a never ending, continuous circle of caring that surrounds everyone here at saints and we are so very grateful.
thank you to everyone who helps saints take care of our saints.
(and thank you god for the rain!)