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beagle belly's.

Carol  ·  May 16, 2013

5am comes far too early after a crappy nights reason for my bad night, I just couldn't sleep.

jake got into trouble twice last evening...both times over the dried food bowls...once with angel, once with tina..BAD DOG!!!
both big piss offs for me. big mistakes not ever be a dickhead around my frail dogs.

he does not like it when I am pissed at him...big, sucky, please still love me baby. I did eventually forgive and forget but he had to suffer the realization that I can and will shut all beagle loving feelings off the second one of the little ones is frightened and upset.

anyway, I take this as a good sign, copper never really cared in the least if I was mad at him.

oh..except the day of the stolen turkey, he cared then.
ah...a memory more than 10 yrs old.
copper had opened the fridge and made off with the left over turkey from thanksgiving the day before. I chased that fat thieving bugger all over the back yard but I did get it back. I grabbed it and went back into the house and shut the door on the little bastard. and while he sat in disbelief watching and staring in thru the sliding glass doors...I fed the entire thing to all of the other dogs.

I am pretty sure his greedy little beagle heart was actually breaking.

jake is a much easier to deal with beagle than copper, but he does have that one similar issue...the beagle's Must. Have. All. Food. belly.

honestly..beagles are THE food scrooge of the K9 set...the gloves are off if there is even a remote chance of scoring a mouthful of something.



And Shelagh cats can be as bad as dogs at least Scrappy was very, very bad or good at rummaging through the cat cupboard - we had to keep putting all of the food higher and higher off the ground.


Got to say that I believe my Patty boy (or Patrick Kullar when we are pissed at him) probably has every one beat at counter and garbage surfing for food except for Copper who truly is the king. It is not unusual for him to him all of the raw food unfreezing in the sink, go into the garbage can to dig out food, eat whole bags of dog kibble bags and cat kibble bags, eat anything left on the counter like a container of butter, loafs of bread, etc. etc. and yes he looks gorged.


lol...and I thought a few bagels and loaf of bread was a lot of food....


Hmmmmmm...... I'll throw my hat in the ring here.
I came home recently to find My Rescued Saint (he's part Great Dane) Bernard behaving odd.... He was walking funny and when I looked at him, noticed his stomach was grossly engorged! I panicked, instantly thinking he had bloat and rushed him to the vets, on the way there he was foaming at the mouth and I thought for sure I was gonna loose him. The vets too thought bloat for sure.... We were preparing ourselves for the big surgery, while they took ex rays....
The doc came back grinning...."we'll it's not bloat" she says. She brings me back to see the exray of the biggest stomach they'd ever seen. We would soon discover the bugger had learned how to open the newly filled cat food bin. That damn dog had ate 20 lbs of cat food! That's right 20 freaking pounds!!!

Cat food bin now has a locking lid.

shelagh f

I have too many theft stories with dogs, slow learner.
I was fostering a cat once and had made some muffins
and left them to cool on the counter. Working outside
most of the day, so the dogs were with me. When
I came in to have a coffee and a muffin, all the tops
of the muffins had been sampled, crumbs everywhere
and only the cat in sight. Had an upset tummy for a
few days afterwards. Didn't occur to me that a cat
would do that. The dogs won, because they got the


So here’s my Copper funny..

I had just let the dogs out & was busy cleaning stalls…within 5 minutes I could hear Copper do his bellow-yodeling-bark-howl , it was coming from the far corner of the upper field… I ignored it at first figuring he was after some scent or perhaps someone was walking their dog down the road. After about 5 minutes he was still carrying on & I was worried the neighbours may get upset so I poked my head out the door to see what was up…in the farthest corner of the field ..there he was..he had his head through the small square wire fence and was yodeling-howl-barking with real determination. I headed out towards him calling his name trying to distract him.. I wondered if he was stuck & felt bad for not coming out I closed in I noticed something just past the fence line out of his reach…Hmmm what the heck is he so excited about..when I saw what is was & recognized it I am sure I laughed right out loud. Just about 6 inches from his nose ..on the other side of the fence…was a Mcdonalds hamburger , still in it’s wrapper…just laying there..for Copper that was the ultimate torture..perhaps it took him back to the day he was forced to watch everyone else eat HIS turkey. What a many stories, such character. Miss him.


My favourite food theft story was when I left a half dozen fresh (3 cinnamon, 3 sesame seed) bagels and a loaf of bread in a bag and quickly left the house again without putting them away. Upon returning, there wasn't a trace of the bagels left anywhere and only a partial loaf of bread found hidden in a corner of the basement. My two furry friends had eaten all of them....seedy poop provided evidence, in case there was any doubt. I'm still very careful on what food I leave to thaw out on a countertop. I have one very high cupboard that isn't reachable this is used for that purpose. Cinnamon anything (especially buns) is one of Artie's (my terrier mix) favourite things to steal, even if well wrapped and hidden in a cupboard.

Catherine Shapiro

That's funny! We had a dog once who went over to our neighbors and took all the dirty socks he could carry and bring them home. Prancing all the way. So proud of his loot.