Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 16, 2013

yesterday may have been a bit of a zsu zsu treat...tonight however was not so great. partly my fault..i finally hauled my butt out there an hour later than usual (so sue me, I am freaking tired!) but mostly it is just zsu zsu the disaster...I have never seen such a freaking messy cat!

crash was at the vets today...his pain and mobility meds got increased to twice a day.

I went out to say hi to the cows is so fat!. she always looks worse when she is laying down but omg!...she doesn't usually look quite that fat! I wonder if she is diabetic...does anyone know can cows have diabetes??? maybe I should get her bloodsugars checked.

bobo has ripped off the face and torn out the groin of his newest giant stuffy bear. it was a bit creepy to walk in and see it propped up on a bed with his eye hanging down on his cheek...(the bear, not bo.) has finally fully ripped off the eye so now I think the bear looks marginally better.

jake was happy that I love him again..we had a nice welcome home cuddle. he is a bit over the top with the licky face thing but hopefully that settles down once he is used to lots and lots of loving.

shane looks freaking old...quit looking so old please!

I was getting worried about pokey cuz the last couple of nights, I had trouble getting him to eat. pokey is coming up to almost 20 years old so not eating is a real worry. Dionne left me out his favorite food and he chowed down on it well....whew. I still think we will get him into the vet tho because he is getting skinny.

ok..well..i am dying here with these 5 am wake up calls plus really busy days at my work. so I am just going to finish off the meds early tonight and hopefully I will actually get a good nights sleep.