Rescue Journal

dog report cards

Carol  ·  May 19, 2013

sorry about no post last night..i had a headache. still have it this morning but it is not too bad.... yet. given a choice I would rather have headaches on working days so at least I can phone in sick.

I took mystic, june, daphne and jake out during barn bedtime last night. I wanted to see how trustworthy and cooperative jake would decide to be. because I am busy putting the big guys to bed...I can't watch the smaller guys all that well so I have to trust they will stay around, not get into trouble and come when I call them.

jake got an A in everything.

daphne got a C-..she not only buggers off to where ever she can get to..she also only comes when she says we are done.

gawd phoebe! please do not start your incessant, high pitched, demanding something unfathomable barking this hurts my freaking head!

I think today I will help Dionne and Lynne in the house and tomorrow since Jamie, Maggie and Carla are here, I can go do the weekly barn feed run instead.

I guess I better go down some more Tylenol so I don't lose it and rip phebers shrieking head off her neck.

if phoebe was silently headless...i'd give her an A+ for no longer being able to irritate me.