Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  May 19, 2013

lynne, Dionne and I kicked ass..the house was clean, tidy and fresh by 1030 am...nice!

phoebe is in the vets on IV's..i feel somewhat, minimally bad about the headless phoebe remarks cuz she started puking right after I wrote them...looks like an acute and sudden pancreatitis. I bet she got all of her hyper-toxic juices flowing and irritated it while she was screaming at me this morning. anyway, she is staying in at the clinic overnight so I get at least 12 hours free of head shattering phoebe...bonus.

max is on house arrest indefinitely. Dionne found him outside dragging himself around in the gravel, he has totally inflamed his groin area and the tip of his penis is stuck out and swollen. I have given him a nice long and cool Epsom salts soak in the sink, lathered him up with criticaid cream and I think I will start him on antibiotics propholactically cuz the last thing he needs down there is a massive infection. I think even tho he likes it better over in the mp building, I am going to have to make him live over here where he is easier to keep inside AND for me to keep an eye on...his skin just can't handle both the urinary incontinence AND the scraping around on the rocky ground outside the mp building.

2:45 update..

inhouse bloodwork is back on phebes...probably not pancreatitis. they are going to look further and do a urinalysis and an xray.

jake has the whole sunday afternoon movie/nap on the bed thing down to an art...apparently there are some advantages to being a homeless dog!

squirt is squirting on a lot of stuff today..i am afraid to give him shit cuz maybe he will crap out and get suddenly sick like phoebe did. big sigh..go ahead squirt and squirt anywhere you'd like.

I think I will just keep adding to this post as the day goes may be a long, ongoing post depending on how phoebe fairs.

3:30 phoebe update...

urinalysis is positive for bacteria. xray shows her spleen is enlarged, combine this with her increased WBC, slight fever, vomiting and past history of urinary tract infections and it most likely means it may be a kidney infection. they are starting her on IV antibiotics and sending the urine off for culture and sensitivity so we treat the right bug.

oh and despite the cool bath, the soothing ointment and some anti-inflammatories, max's penile tip is still swollen and stuck out. he might be going into the vet too if it hasn't sorted itself out by tomorrow.



Looking forward to a happy phoebe post in the am. Sure was sad to see her in that state today. Very in phoebe like :(
Also hoping max has a less " swell" day


Haha! Yes please mr pharmasist dude, i need viagra and ky... Betcha its not all that rare, they do go hand in hand....


Just chuckling thinking about ur next visit to the pharmacy.....sorry!


Carol at the Clinic where I work we've had dogs come in with their poor old penis stuck out and swollen. The Vet will usually put some lubricant on it to keep it moist until the swelling subsides. Do you have and KY jelly, it might make it feell a bit better?


Update on my friends JRT needing a home.She found one.Maggie will be going to live with my friends youngest daughter :)