Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 23, 2013

perfect weather...rain at night, blue sunny skies in the morning...can't ask for better than that.

there is an electrician coming this morning so hopefully our hot water problems will be solved really soon...I must remember to leave a signed cheque!!!

odie is still sore and I still don't know why but I am watching him to make sure it doesn't get worse.

phoebe is still on the antibiotics but seems to be back to her usual self.

max's skin is finally good again, just making that dedicated effort to keep him dry, clean and gravel dragging friction free (plus the good barrier cream) has made a world of difference. I wish he would wear a drag bag cuz then he could go back to the mp building but he won't so he can't.
sucks to be a big drag bag baby max!

mystic has forgiven me for yelling at her...she was back up on the bed last night. both she and june are willing to include jake in their nice to see jake having fun chewing on mystics face!

cliff is still a bit subdued from his total dental extractions..that is a big surgery for a little cat. hopefully he perks up again in the next day or two.

today is cindy's big dental day, I hope she does ok.

sunny will stay caged til after his meds tomorrow then he can be free again. so much easier to deal with illness, injury, and whatever if we catch it early!

I keep forgetting to buy desi and pokeys gold plated specialty foods..i absolutely have to remember to pick it up on my break today!!! they both ate the fancy feast last night luckily but it won't be acceptable for very long, those cats have gourmet tastes.

oh and for is doing just fine. she is happy in the mp room, absolutely is in love with all food. she deals well with her separation anxiety here because even if there are not any humans around, she always has the other dogs with her. except for her high pitched, glass shattering screaming during meal prep (and she doesn't know she is screaming so loud because she is deaf...)..she truly is a really great dog!

I better get ready for work..i think that is all of the updates.



Thank you for the CeCe update! I have a soft spot for her. My parents just lost their sweet girl Remi, a Sheltie that I believe you all may have helped them find and adopt. She was a senior when they got her 5 years ago.,she had a great life with them as they spoiled her rotten.
Thanks again! Glad to hear Ce Ce is happy and sweet.