Rescue Journal

to be fair.

Carol  ·  May 24, 2013

both nursing and rescue has been good for someone like me, a natural born lazy ass procrastinator. I am still inherently lazy and I do still procrastinate every chance that I can but there are things that I have to do at certain times no matter what so I make myself do them.

like....the animals have to be fed and settled to bed. I can just see what would happen on Saturday night if I decided NOT to feed and put the barn guys to bed....chaos. or..there is no way I am walking past the mp dogs and cats and Not giving them their supper either. as much as I get tired of cleaning out zsu zsu's pen..i simply cannot walk past her at any moment and not sweep out her mess. every night chloe parks herself in my plain view so I cannot put off feeding her group of cats their dinner too.

it is one thing to take 3 weeks to haul my ass down to the accountants to pay the is totally something else to actually ignore innocent eyes that are counting on you. in both nursing and rescue there are things every day that I absolutely, without question, negotiation or excuse, have to do.

it is good for someone like me to have these brick walls of have to, that cannot be moved.

I am pretty sure that once I finally do retire and the have to's are no longer there...that I will park my ass on the couch in my pj's and never move it again.

I think it is important to know thyself truly....what a waste of time and effort to have to continually come up with someone else to blame for the things that are actually going on inside my very own brain. I look at the past when folks occasionally blamed me for their own messed up lives and I remember thinking, are you kidding me? this is my fault when you made that choice?

I read once that procrastinators are tricky...they look super busy doing the things they like to do while totally ignoring the things they really should do.
that's me in a nutshell.

the only reason my income tax got filed on time (and I already got my refund!) was because ann grabbed and took all of the paperwork in to the accountants. if it was left just to me it would still be sitting on my to-do list..for someday.
I STILL have not switched the insurance so I can sell Deanna's car to help pay off her bills. by the time i get around to it, the car probably won't run anymore!
I am probably the only community nurse who does not get paid for my mileage..why? cuz I never keep track and submit the mileage sheets... I really don't give a crap about getting partially reimbursed for my gas...I will go see clients anyway.

so why am I telling you any of you care?

it is because I want to be fair. we all have something incredibly stupid, annoying or not all that great about us.
so what? we all live in a leaky boat that could potentially be better. I learned this from the to look at people and animals honestly and not write them off completely. I am grateful for learning this because given my own little leaks, I don't have to write myself off either.

mo can call levi's penis, a "pee pee"..even tho it drives me insane....tammy brings her own floor washing bucket and marvin food bowl each day that she comes because...ok I don't know why...but she does and i think it is weird....lynne feeds every fat dog here like somehow they are starving when they are obviously not....but lynne is not letting any possibility of K9 starvation ever appear.

I actually get this..all of these people put up with my sometimes annoying, mind bending, pain in the butt things. we are learning from loving and caring for phoebe, odie, jesse and puff that all living creatures come with some pretty odd stuff.
it is what makes life interesting.

so..thats why i don't shoot everyone on site as soon as they get here..i have my own things that makes them want to cheerfully shoot me as soon as i and my own weird stuff also appear.

life at saints is give and take..we suck up the good stuff from each other and take a deep breath about the other things that drive us insane.

its fair.



I love that SAINTS volunteers have their personal touches with the animals. It means a lot, and it's proof of a very deep love and respect.

And by the way, Carol, you may not be very adept at the finer points of money management, but if I'm ever sick or dying, vulnerable and scared and in pain, you are the first person I would want to see. I imagine you walking into the room and just instantly making everyone feel safer, more comfortable and at ease. I imagine your caring expertise would be such a good thing: your patients, human and animal, are so lucky to have you.


lol fat dogs still enjoy their food, they are soooo happy to get that little extra. and i am sooo happy to give it to them. if you see the look on bennys face it is so worth it.


carol i took (id say borrowed but i dont think you want it back)some diapers/disposable pee pads/and a male wrap from handi pets for frankie so i could experiment with what works. will return the unused tomm, as well as have a bunch of stuff from julie in my truck. also some can tire $$$.


So now that it is out there (no pun intended) :-)...I wonder if anyone has any idea why Levi..who will be 10 this year has recently started to let it all hang out quite often..he used to on the odd occassion..but now it is almost daily. He was.quite sick about a month ago..x-rays showed thickening of stomach linning ..blood work all good and he has been fine since...except now he has his "penis" out way more than he used too..has he just discovered that it feels good..or ????


I got the screens at Canadian Tire. They are $25 but do come on sale for $20. I've also seen them at London Drugs and the cheapest place would be Pet Smart where, I believe, the regular price sits around $20.
I'm very impressed with them and for $20 they can last for an entire fly season at SAINTS with the traffic.

Carol Ann

Tammy, can you tell me where to get those screens with the magnets.Could sure use some at my house Thanks.


Tammy, Marvin ate well on Monday too. He sat on my daughters lap and ate his mushy food


Okay I retired Marvin's personal red food bowl awhile ago. That was for when he was not eating very well. He's doing good now so I like to use the bowl labeled "Fat Cat". That seems to suit him.
However if he ever needs it I can pull his red bowl out of retirement.


Hey, perfection would be boring! I love people's (and animals)eccentricities (including my own) - it makes life interesting.