Rescue Journal

sorry, stupid thoughts in my head today.

Carol  ·  May 28, 2013

jenn took some pics of me and the grandkids last weekend..the kids are so cute but how did I end up so old, fat and worn out looking? a hundred years ago, I used to look pretty darn cute too!

I look at the old worn out animals around here and they are still heart stopping cute and it pisses me off that they age much more gracefully gently then I do. hopefully I am at the inbetweener stage between the beauty of ancient and youth.

now I know why women dye their hair, go to the gym and wear at this age they don't look like I do.

oh well.... maybe I can get away with blaming all of this on rescue.

it was a busy vet day here yesterday, my nursing friend robin came and took three pages of notes from the vet. lots of new med additions, sue will get the meds ready for me to pick up from the clinic and I will sort thru the notes over the next couple of days to get us set up to make sure everyone gets what they are supposed to get.

I used to be able to absorb everything and keep it all in my head, not so much anymore. pretty sure my brain is as worn and ratty as everything else.

I wonder if one day when I am finally as messed up as most of these guys..if I will be as valued as much as I value them. it might have been smarter to start a rescue for aging humans instead. I could have gone there when I needed them.

you know what the differences between aging dogs and aging humans is tho? dogs know how to work it.

bo sits next to my chair in the morning, offering to shake a paw while he licks my elbow. how freaking cute is that??? but if I tried that trick with someone, they'd stick me in a straight jacket in 10 seconds flat!

god gave aging animals the ability to melt human hearts...sure some human hearts are stone cold and oblivious to melting but not all of ours are.

if given the choice between being a much loved ancient human or a very beloved ancient dog..i would pick being the dog. now I would never pick being an unloved ancient dog cuz I have seen how much that totally sucks..but a loved one would be pretty good.

honestly, what the hell is wrong with me this morning? I better quit blogging utter bullshit and go mop a floor...far more useful.



Lol, great post Carol. Yes blame it on menaopause, I have gained 5 pounds a year since menopause. We certainly don't age as well as the critters :-)


personally, i'm proud of every mark i have. it shows i've lived my life and not stayed in a bubble. i eagerly await my first grey hair (though it won't show well enough if my hair stays blonde).
it shows emotions, good and bad and a body that's been used for the betterment of others. it shows a life being lived.
face it, Carol. you're outnumbered by people who say you're beautiful. and you are!


Oh my goodness! I am very tired tonight, had a busy day...and thought I'd just check out the blog seeing as how I hadn't had the opportunity today. Carol, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting a big smile on my face and a real hearty laugh out loud. You are right about animals aging and being able to still get the "aaah, she/he is so cute" out of us. Not so with us humans. I laughed through the whole blog....thanks again! As well as being frank you have a wonderful sense of humour.

Bunny Horne

A coworker told me this afternoon that her young daughter saw a photo of Bo and she fell in love with him. She asked her mom for 3 jars for her allowance. Apparently 1 jar is for savings, one for spending and one for SAINTS Rescue. Her mom counted the money just out ot interest and the money is split 3 ways. What a sweet heart.
I do believe they are planning to come out for the open house.


Carol, I got the parts and was able to re-assemble the tap/shut-off housing for the water tank, I'll re-install it this weekend. Before I do, I would like to clean out the tank, I took a look in it from the trap door in the top and there is an inch of water in it and at least a half inch of solid green ooze over the entire surface. Gross. Does anyone have a telesopic brush with a water attachment I can use. If so can you comment in this feed? I'll be on-site Sunday.

Bunny Horne

Carol, you looked damned good for all the hard work you put in. I'm older than you and yes, that is exactly why I dye my hair. It could be worse, a long ago friend had her photo taken with her grand-toddlers and one of them said "Gramma, you forgot to iron your face" - just as the photographer snapped the shot.
I wonder as well, why are animals so damned good looking???? It's truly not fair.

Don't forget to bring in some product so that Brent can fill all those Mystic-holes that are in your yard. He needs to get that done well before the open house and we aren't on site the week prior due to the Denman Street Car Free Day Festival.