Rescue Journal

double sorry about no post last night too.

Carol  ·  May 30, 2013

I came home from work with a killer headache. it is still not gone this morning, but it is better than it least for now.

anyway the only new news I have is we have a new cat. I haven't met him yet, he is still at the vets. he is a young unneutered stray found in a prickle bush with a neurogenic bladder from some kind of major trauma. the plan is to neuter and insert a urinary catheter and then keep his bladder empty for a few days. this may help restore bladder function if it isn't too late. he was found by one of the neighbors of one of our volunteers.
apparently he is a very nice and friendly cat, currently listed at our vets as "prickles" but the staff are calling "pickles" and quite frankly I am not too fond of either name but whatever.

he will be neutered, have the cath. inserted, viral tested, tattoo'd and vaccinated today and he should come home (with or without a functioning bladder) in around 4 or 5 days. hope floats the catheter works so we can find him a new home and if it doesn't, we probably permanently have a new wrecked cat.
oh well.

and a slap upside the head of whoever got themselves a kitten, let him roam around outside to get hurt and never got around to neutering him...the cat says thanks a lot for screwing up his life big time.



Hi Dawn
They are both doing very well and if bossing me around counts they have taken over the household!
They are the most polite gentle dogs I have ever known, they must have been greatly loved by their previous mum or dad.
Leah injured her back leg which will take a few months to heal but she is very calm about life.
I am so very happy they are part of my life.


Happy News....

Mumford and I have worked out our medication issues, he's figured out to pee on the pee pads NOT my carpet and all is once again well in our world. Trudy had forgiven me and has eaten all her food for almost 5 days in a row now and because Mumford hasn't figured out the sleep on the bed thing yet, she's pretty happy to have a whole side to herself.

Thanks again to everyone who supports SAINTS!