Rescue Journal

monsters in the closet

Carol  ·  May 30, 2013

really, it is time for humans to come out of the closet and just admit it...we are an animals worst nightmare. we oooohhh and goo and slobber over ourselves to tell the entire world how much we love animals and then?
we don't look after them properly. we don't spay and neuter, we feed them crap, we won't take them to the vet cuz gawd forbid it costs us a couple of hundred bucks. we let them roam, or don't teach them civilized manners. when the honeymoon is over, we ignore them whenever we can and when we absolutely can't ignore them anymore we boot the poor things thru the nearest shelter door.

we wait til the day when they actually disappear and write them off as a coyote meal.

do you know how many coyote meals are sitting in shelters waiting for someone intelligent enough to find and take them home again?????

good thing cats don't hold their breath.

the new cat did well with his surgery today..i refuse to call him pickles or prickles, I am trying to think of something a little more dignified for him. who wants to be named after a cucumber soaked in vinegar or a prickly bush?

I forgot to ask if he talks a lot cuz if he does, I want to name him preacher.

whatever.....his permanent name is the least of his worries..he'd like his bladder to actually work again.

I am not the least bit sympathetic to people who lose unspayed or unneutered pets...intact testicles or ovaries are a huge red flag that someone got lost from a substandard home as far as I am concerned. I get that dogs sometimes escape thru open doors and cats can slip out thru a window but if they are not altered and tattoo'd when they get lost, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what kind of home they came was one where their best interests was NOT a priority.

I bet this cat's previous family THOUGHT that they loved him..but they did not. if they did he would have been neutered and had a tattoo and when he was found injured and in need of real help someone could have actually called them!

it just totally pisses me off...and one day they might come here looking to adopt another cat and I will have to listen to the 1000th stupid sob story version about how a beloved previous cat was lost to a monsterous and villainous evil terribly sad. again.

yeah right.

I know where their cat really is...he is stuck in a cage in the clinic with a catheter draining urine out of his damaged his bladder...(but at least now he is neutered, vaccinated and tattoo'd.)



I dont understand people that don't go looking for their lost pets. One of my dogs was listed as a stray at the spca, but when i got him home i quickly found out he knew how to sit and shake a paw...? Why didnt someone look for him????


Whenever an obviously stray cat ends up on the doorstep I provide food and shelter (a CAT house on the picnic table) take a photo, make a flyer to post around the neighborhood, drop a copy at the Humane Society and one at every vet clinic in town. To date no one has ever come looking. And some of those cats (like Quigley) who ended up family were lovely loving socialized cats. Why weren't their people out there looking?

Margie (Bodhi's mom)

Drives me crazy when we get in spayed/neutered animals with no ID. Didn't want to spend an extra $25-$75, I guess?