Rescue Journal last.

Carol  ·  May 31, 2013

I went to the drugstore on my home and bought Tylenol#1 and gravol and yay, it seems to have finally kicked the pain right out of my head...nice to wake up without my head hurting.

maybelle is having to go into the vets today, her cold is taking her over despite the meds. it so sucks she has such a pancake face, it makes being sick 10 times more miserable than it should be.

we seem to have a lot of cat cold virus's sweeping thru here again..not sure why, maybe because the weather has been so wet and crappy but most likely because so many of them have been out and to the vets for other things lately. going out stresses them out, stress impacts their immune systems and virus's take advantage of weakened defenses. poof suddenly everyone is getting sick.

shit. sounds just like my office right now....lots of sick calls.

oh well..we will ride this out just like we do every time before. but I am glad the sunshine is heading back our way for a while...that should dry and warm things up and maybe that will help.

not much news, I have been too out to lunch myself to pay much attention to the shit going on around me. lately it has mostly just been downing a bunch of pills and trying to sleep off the headache.

day 3 of 6, I am halfway to my next days off...can't wait to get there!


Bunny Horne

Carol hope this helps your headaches - picked up a 1.5 kg jar of Costco chocolate covered raisins for you. Hope you like raisins.

FYI - Brent and I are hosting a booth showcasing SAINTS again this year at the DENMAN STREET CAR FREE DAY (between Davie and Robson Streets) - Father's Day - noon - 6 pm. This will be our third year in the festival. Will have Collector Cards for sale, gift with donation and lots of information about SAINTS and the open house.


Thanks Carol...half hour after I gave Mumford Pepsid ac he stopped licking the carpets...:)