Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2013

I have to admit that sometimes these guys are pretty damn when I am trying to feed dinner to the mp guys and Britney thinks I should go faster and starts pawing the back of my leg to hurry up. or when june and mystic are each poised and ready to explode out of the dog room door when I take out the slider...and both of them have a stuffy in their mouths, all prepared to pee or poop or play depending on what happens first.
morgan just has to thoroughly check out my dinner in case there is something that she should taste test first and the back room cats start their gathering by the gate for the nightly food offering they know I will make.
tina slides up to me with her crazed bat-like grin..jake is throwing himself at my knees so I do not forget about him. benny is immediately on duty to poise himself in absolute immediate readiness to go where ever I happen to go and odie is tossing his new giant ball and hopping all over the kitchen. the Mongolian monster sits with angelic face making squeaky baby sounds while max is looking at me with pleading eyes to please let him out.

there is a whole bunch of freaking sweet cuteness to wade thru here every night when my day is finally done...sometimes it is hard not to get lost in it while soldering thru to say hi to everyone, let them in/out, feed them, clean up any messes, and give them their meds.

it is good that multi-tasking comes easily to me cuz if it didn't..homecoming would totally overwhelm me.
but I ave a routine that I don't deviate from...into the rabbit room, pet cliff, check all the bunnies, then to the medical room to prepare cliff and mama t's dinner, next to the frail cats to make sure all is well, over to the dog side to feed and tease those raging starving not looking so frail beasts, answering the hunger screams of desi and Frankie, checking and covering up the birds, a quick goof session with ed and some extra treats on his bed (it is how I get him back in from outside within a reasonable amount of time.)

unstick pepper from where ever he got stuck, the finally off to the house for more super cute sweetness as I go thru each area with the same checks, in/out, clean up, feed and medicate process.

they are all happy to see me and I am happy to see all of them. we pack a lot of busy, have to do shit in that first couple of hours when I get home but if I do it all well, am cheerful, kind and caring, if I take a few seconds to pet, hug and laugh... they are content and settle quickly for bed.

big sigh..i am the nightly homecoming queen (minus the crown.)



It must be pretty hard to not feel very very loved at that time. My fur babies always make me feel cherished.

janet nicholson

Your homecoming is busier than most - but I can related - when I come through the door - two dogs greet me as if I have been gone forever - and it has been a whole 3 hours while I am at work! Two grab toys - and the third just lies there expecting his fat belly to be rubbed - and I could not imagine a better hoomecoming. And I am so glad Odie got another ball to play with it - and hope Bobo leaves it alone!