Rescue Journal

ok..done bitching about destructive humans...

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2013

lets bitch about freaking destructive dogs!

big I am filling chew holes in walls...and painting chewed to shit moldings and doors.
the wall chewers...Harold and joey are gone to their own homes so once their holes are fixed, we should be good til the next ones come along. but the door and trim destructors (odie when he is door fighting with bo and miss mystic homewrecker just because I want to, therefore I can...) are still here.

do you now how hard it is to paint chewed to shit wood????


I am only doing the really obvious, right in front of my face shit..if it is behind a couch or a bed, it can stay like it is.

I am wondering how many stupid dogs and cats are going to rub up against the currently wet deep pointsetta colored paint...most likely a lot. hopefully it will wear off their coats before the open house.

it will be a few days before I am finished filling and sanding and can start on trying to paint up the bad spots on the walls. I am really hoping the paint store matched the paint color right or we are going to have a bunch of blotchy walls as we certainly cannot afford to paint everything.

why did I not originally paint every gawd damn thing in here the exact same color?...that putrid peachy skin tone on the kitchen walls, and the what the hell color is that? in the laundry room are going to be hard to match.

next life... all shelter areas will be painted exactly the same.

I am hoping since the dogs are all having their afternoon nap, the paint will dry before they get active again.

I hate the cedar/mirror wall in the computer room..i hate the door to the outside run which is scratched to literal shit, I hate all of the uneven/broken tiled ceilings in here but those things I just can't fix.

oh well I will fix what I can so the freaking dogs can wreck it again...just please do not do it before the open house!!!