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Survey on your relationship with your dog(s)

Sheila  ·  Jun. 5, 2013

My sister Leila is getting her Master in Anthrozoology. Below is a description of her survey that her thesis will be based on. If you have time she would really appreciate if you could fill out her survey. So far she is only getting responses from people who haven't had to give up their dogs because I think people are afraid to talk about relinquishing an animal. In order for people who place dogs in homes do a better a better job it is important to understand why relationships don't work as much as why they do work. I highlighted her sentence that addressed this... so please if you had a relationship that didn't work don't be afraid to answer the survey. If you have more than one dog you can go back and do it again for the second or 3rd dog. Shelters, rescues, and humane societies are spending a lot of time looking at dog behaviour but this survey is placing just as much emphasis on the human (the other 50% of the relationship) so I think it is an important study. Leila thanks you so much for helping her out.

This survey is part of a MA Anthrozoology research project through the University of Exeter. The purpose of the survey is to identify what makes a successful or unsuccessful dog/human relationship in a human environment by measuring various factors. Many dog/human relationships work extraordinarily well for both dog and human. Sometimes, however, these relationships do not work well for either the human or the dog. It is just as important to identify unsatisfactory relationships as it is satisfactory relationships. This will help those that place dogs into homes better understand not only the needs of the dog but also the needs of the human as both species are equally involved in forging a long lasting relationship.

We are looking for individuals who live with dogs in their home and are willing to fill out a survey questionnaire for each dog they live with or have lived with. This includes dogs that have passed away, been re-homed by the family, returned the agency where the dog was procured or was surrendered to a shelter/rescue. More than one person in the household can fill out the questionnaire as long as they are over the age of thirteen as each human individual in the home has a unique relationship with each dog who lives/has lived in the home.




You can go back as far as you would like. It is totally up to you.


I did the survey for my current dog & the CBARQ for my current and previous dog.

Please be sure to let us know the results. There are some great questions in there.


I will take part in the survey but it will have to be tomorrow. How far back do you want me to go? I have had dogs in my life for the better part of 40+ years.