Rescue Journal

cat updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2013

everyone might be happy to know that yesterday mo, tammy and I got THE most disgusting job on the to-do list done...the deep annual spring cleaning of the front outside cat run. it took 3 of us almost 4 freaking hours but it is fully done.

that cat run is one of my biggest functionally sucks big time shelter design mistakes...I had it roofed...I had it painted white and I had cement pads put down for the base...dumb ass dumb mistakes.

big thx to both mo and tammy for being so toxically brave.

maybelle has reached the point of feeling a bit better, she is eating and drinking on her own but making a huge mess. she will need full bathing and blow drying daily during this messy recovery stage.

mo dropped chloe off for me at the vets. she will be staying in for a couple of days since we can't get her to eat or drink.

I went to pick up preacher from the vets yesterday..they showed me how to best express his bladder. but he had so much blood in his urine that I ended up leaving him there. colleen is back in today so I will talk to her and find out why that is.
I am a bit worried about taking him on...unlike the other bladder neurogenics here, his bladder does not overflow when it is full. this puts his bladder at huge risk of rupture. all it takes is missing one bladder expression or a day when he drinks a ton of extra water or a hidden kidney function problem that suddenly appears. anyway I want to make sure we are capable of responsibly caring for him. is late! i better get ready for work!



build it like the others...unpainted, pressure treated wood, gravel floor, wire roof.


Chloe was so good on the drive in.. either she travels very well, or felt so crappy that she didn't bother to say a single word. She is a real Sweetie & after snuggling a bit with maybelle the other day & gently petting Chloe's paw throught the crate door..I realize how much I miss out on by being a barn volunteer..don't get me wrong I LOVE the barn animals & totally enjoy their company & caring for them..however that one on one, holding, stroking the perfect itch spot, hearing the purr that is deep & rumbly..that is good for the soul. Keeping my digits crossed that everyone who isn't feeling well at SAINTS gets better and continues to get SAINTS love.

On a separate note... Carol what would you do different if you had to do the catrun over ???