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the saints circle of life.

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2013

I always have an odd sense of continuity when one of ours passes on and a new one comes in the very next day. as we try to wrap our heads around a suddenly empty place, we find ourselves stretching to surround another who comes to our gate.

today it will be another many buddies have we loved over the years? there was the icky chi buddy, and lil' big bud buddy, and buddy who so wanted to eat goats. there was blonde buddy, black buddy and brown buddy. and today comes another many homeless and helpless buddies needing help in our world.

it is not very nice, but I can't help it....for the past week while I was waiting to see if this buddy would have to come here...I have been referring to him as butt-ugly buddy. he really isn't butt ugly but he is VERY weird looking for sure.

this bud looks like a cross between a basset hound and a jack Russell terrier. he has the long back and short twisted front legs of the bassett and the fine boned body and head of a JRT. he really is not technically senior or special needs, he is only 6 years old and apparently healthy but I am pretty sure he will be a hard to place because he is not all that esthetically pleasing.

one of our vets has been trying to find him a home for the past week, he came in for euthanization due to a family break up. I think he has pretty much had enough of living in a kennel at the clinic so he is heading up here later today and I am really hoping he fits in here ok.

ever since I saw him a week ago, I have been arguing with folks. erin and Christine say chance is the ugliest dog in the world. I think they must be crazy cuz chance is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, that dog is totally adorable. he has a little furry monkey face!
I used to think that jewel looked pretty odd...I actually laughed the first time I saw her. but now when she pops into my head or I come across a picture of her, I think she was beautiful.

I wonder how long it will take for me to see the beauty in butt ugly buddy? I think it will take a lot less time if he is not an asshole. or maybe not..odie is a dickhead and so is puff, ed and bo and I think they are pretty damn cute.
I guess we will see.

ahh saints..learning to let go of a great, much loved one and learning to find the greatness and love in a new unknown one. I will have to think of a more polite way to differentiate new buddy from the other buddies..hope floats he will be a "good buddy" and not an "oh my god! what have I done? you are SUCH a pain in the ass" buddy.

I guess we will find out later today.



I agree with you, Lynne. Ugly is an ugly word. Not all beings are classically beautiful but all are interesting and have character in their own way. Ugly should only be applied to behavior.


hey chance is not ugly shame on you tammy lol and yes brenda i will fill you in, in fact i will be the team leader on sun ha ha and the new dog is probably really cute. remember ugly betty she was not ugly.


You could call the new guy bub (Butt Ugly Buddy).
I have to agree, Chance is the ugliest dog I've seen.

Brenda Mc

Hi Lynne; I'll be coming to SAINTS on Sunday - but driving in from Yale in Fraser Canyon - and have no internet this weekend, so depending on you to fill me in on anything "new" I need to know when I see you then. - so pay attention eh?

Bunny Horne

A coworker just gave me a $35 donation for SAINTS. She's a single mom and rather than her son giving gifts to his relatives for birthdays etc they choose to DONATE money to different causes. The $35 to SAINTS is in lieu of a Father's Day gift. They also bought a small rug hook project and 5 SAINTS RESCUE Collector Cards.


Welcome to saints new Buddy. He can't be that ugly. And to euthanize because of a Split??? Grrr, people!

How is preacher doing? What will be his future?


i have never seen an ugly dog, what a horrible word, i agree with you about chance, he is pretty damn cute but i think they are all pretty damn cute at saints welcome newest buddy hope all goes well with him. i cant imagine euthanizing a dog over a family split, now that is a good definition of ugly.


So sorry to hear about Shep - such a loving sweet dog.

If the new Buddy really is ugly, we can always called him "Ug-Bud".......