Rescue Journal

for this weekend

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2013

I was happy last night to see just a tiny bit of a cheerfulness in sporty buddy already. every time I had to get up for some reason, he would welcome me back not with anxious need but with a cheerful stretch, roll over, and rub his head against was a relaxed welcome back not a stressed thank god you are back.

he did still head straight for the gate when I let him out this morning so he has not forgotten that he doesn't belong here yet...but he is a nice and smart dog and I think he will see the advantages to living at saints relatively soon.

however...caution to all coming and going around here...we have a young and healthy unsettled new dog on site..extra special care is needed going in and out of doors and gates..i will be totally raging pissed off if he manages to escape so make sure everyone pays very close attention to getting in/out.... here/there without sporty buddy finding an open escape route.

the mp room is so empty without shep, it hurts.

maybelle went off of her food yesterday and hasn't had a poop since last sunday. we started her on appetite stimulants and last night I gave her a laxative. this weekend I didn't bother with a polite long explanatory note on her pen. the new note simply says KEEP OUT..carol will do.
my apologies for sounding rude but I decided to be short and crystal clear with no room for misunderstanding because we are still critically monitoring her.

well I better get stuff to do.


Bunny Horne

NOTE FOR THE OPEN HOUSE - I just located the laminated signs for the SAINTS OPEN HOUSE this morning. Brent and I will ensure these get posted Saturday & Sunday morning of the Open House. We will remove them on Sunday when we leave to head home. These signs are in conjunction with any other signs that anyone will be posting.


carol if you get this before i get in there can you please put bobos collar back on?