Rescue Journal

my prayer.

Carol  ·  Jun. 15, 2013

with todays adoption of sporty buddy (sporty buddy was adopted by a great family well known to me because they have adopted 2 previous dogs..Hannah (rip) and Jake (rip) over the past 15 yrs!) and the sudden sad loss of ed, we are down to an all time low of 27 saints dogs on site (this number does not include my own personal 5...(phoebe, benny, june, mystic and daphne) nor our dogs out in permanent foster care.)

sadly it won't be long before we reach my goal of 20 saints dogs on site as there are still quite a few very elderly ones that I do expect to leave us fairly soon, probably within the next year...jesse, tina, jerry, shane, and mini me. plus ewok, brown buddy, brit, pepper and judd are freaking ancient now too.

so many 16-18 yr olds running around here acting like they are not so old..but they are.

life is so, ancient but ok one minute, then poof, just suddenly gone. I wasn't expecting cooper, griffin, shep or ed to leave so soon and without much warning at all. and yet I know...they are all old...and sick... and their time is limited so why do I feel so shocked when they go?

oh..i know! it is because they don't wander around here acting like death is banging right at their door. they get up each day..pee poop, eat, bark, fart, piss me off, run thru the mud, roll in the grass and live every moment they can and when it is over, then it is over. but they sure as shit don't sit around waiting for it.

please let me live, love, laugh, and be as much of a cheerful pain in the ass as the saints dogs are until my time is finally over and done too.

you guys are my living life heroes...I love all of you.



hi Allison...oops. mix up...jake is the beagle...sporty buddy is a corgi/JRTX...but you are so right, he will have them wrapped round his paw in a heartbeat!


I am so happy that Sporty Buddy has a new home. Crossing my fingers that he adjusts well -- since he's a beagle, he'll have his new family wrapped around his paw in no time!


Oh and YAY for sporty buddy! Only met him once but he seems like a really nice dog.


Well said Carol. We need to live life to the fullest, not wallow in self pity!