Rescue Journal

we lost ed today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 15, 2013

he got up this morning, had his breakfast early and went out for the run. he came in for a nap after awhile but when he woke up he wasn't feeling well. I took him into the vets and he had a mass the size of a football..and most likely it was a hemangiosarcoma that was just starting to rupture. since he was in obvious distress and there was not much to be done for him, our vet recommended euthanization.

ed passed very peacefully.

thank you to everyone here who took care of him so well. ed was quite the character, he will be greatly missed by all.

special thx to ko and mo who discovered ed in his distress when they went to give him his afternoon treat.

I am sad that ed is gone but I am so very happy that he ended his life after a pretty good day.

love you ed, rest in well earned were a very good dog.

photo ec835259-8687-4264-84ac-5e8ad8e92fa0.jpg



RIP Ed -- he looks so contented in the photo. He had a good life at SAINTS and that was a blessing for him.


Oh Ed... I will miss your "deal with it, I'm a chow" attitiude. Such a cool guy. RIP


oh my god i am so sorry ed was quite the character will miss him this so sucks. shit is all i can say but good for sporty buddy. yeah i am still reeling over the death of my boy and feeling like shit do not need any more to die. rip sweet ed i am sorry you never got your forever home

Bunny Horne

Ed, we will miss you out at the barn. You were a good barn buddy. RIP Ed.


Ed was quite the character. I will never forget trying to put a sweater on him. I will miss you Ed, I am so glad I got to care for you. RIP