Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2013

maybelle finally had something to eat today but I had to give her another appetite stimulant to get her going again.

we had the vet out to see Gideon...he was down this morning and then when he did finally get up..not interested in eating, or moving much, just not himself in any way. she gave him a pain/anti-inflammatory injection..possibly colic? maybe not? and he is better right now...he has had some dinner and I am watching him closely thru the cameras tonight.

crash has to be the dumbest dog in the world. I let him come out with the others for the bedtime run..and dumdum was following buddy around and ended up stuck in the mud of the pond. I was not so happy to strip off my shirt to use as a sling and sink in the mud to my knees. I did recue that little BASTARD...again. but only because it wouldn't have looked good at the open house for one of our dogs to be left in the mud of the pond like some kind of prehistorically mud mired thing.

I gave him a hose down before I let him back in the house but he still looks pretty muddy to me.

so here is what I am looking for help with in this final pre-open house week.

Monday: inside painting
Tuesday: cleaning out tent/metal shed/around the garbage bin
Wednesday: shop/suite/bathroom
Thursday; miscellaneous house/outside area things
Friday: whatever hasn't been gotten to or needs to be fixed up or re-done.

any help is appreciated...I will be working around here between 9:30-2:30 ( I have early morning vet drop offs and afternoon vet pick ups booked.)

big thx in advance for any help.



bring erin a coffee and I will stick some baileys in it so she doesn't get pissed with us under foot in the house all day!


well can practice before you get to your own house! YaY CC!...not to worry shawn..the Friday night before I always pull a panic stricken close to all nighter so you can come Friday after work if you want.
lol shelagh,,,we were thinking of making paw prints out of the circles!

shelagh f

so glad he didn't come for the run last night. Doesn't
sound like fun fishing an old dog out of the water.
If you need any more creative painting ideas let me
know. Flowers and peace signs come to mind.
Maggie and I will put on our gardening gloves again


Hi Carol. I'm off tomorrow and free until about 1130, but do u really want ME to paint?? See u in the morning


Hey Carol, I cant come betwen 9:30 and 2:30 as I have hormonal teens to teach lol. If you do need some help after 2:30.give me a call. I am free any evening, I would love to help!