Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2013

I am a wee bit behind on my to-do list...I am baby sitting ethan a couple of times a day while his mom is busy with appointments. my first grandma babysitting session this morn was ok except I returned him to his mom with a goose egg. ethan is a speedy little tummy zooming head banging bugger who hit the baseboard with his head. oops..sorry linds..slightly broken baby.

I did better this afternoon..i pretty much kept him on my lap so I could return him somewhat intact.

sigh..babies move fast!

I am watching him again tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon..shit. I wish I had time to shop for a baby helmet!

tammy and I went nutz in the back cat room and totally tackied it up. interior design is another thing (besides super safe grandmahood) that just does not come easily.

the vet came out and rechecked Gideon..all is well. his heart rate is back to normal and he ate fairly good today.

maybelle is not bouncing out of her slump. she needed another appetite stimulant to get her eating again.

nicki is in the vets for her spay and some tumor removals. jake goes in tomorrow for his cherry eye repair and a dental. I had an update already on sporty buddy..all is well, he is loved. YAY! great dog got himself a really great home!

I did a tiny bit of rearranging tonight during commercials...moved some furniture, and hung some pictures. i should have been doing bigger things but the grand finale of the voice is on and I want to see who wins!.

I will just keep telling myself..all will be a-ok....IT WILL ALL GET DONE. It always does.

not quite sure I actually believe it tho.

but really...people are not going to like us cuz the storage tent is a gawd dam freaking mess???
the inside of the tent is not even on the tour route so why do I care?

I care because...

it is on my freaking to-do list. oh why, oh why did I put it on there?


but if I do get it cleaned up, I am touring folks thru there!