Rescue Journal

only one day until the open house.

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2013

it was a pretty productive day in the pissing down rain. Jamie, mo and lynne were here so the tent got tidied, 2 dump runs were done, the suite got a really nice clean up cuz somehow it turned into a freaking storage area instead of the hideaway oasis it is meant for, AND we painted the ugly, beat to shit door to the outside cat run! I am SO happy about that!!!
we are going to power wash the cement tomorrow..hopefully it is not raining quite so hard. just a few tune up stuff left to do so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad of a day at all. I will do a fine tooth clean up late on Friday night so hopefully when the troops arrive early Saturday morning, we can just zip right thru here and be ready for the open house without too much stress.

not much for updates..Gideon is ok, maybelle is not. crash went off to the vets today because he is tearing out the fur on his shoulder and back legs and his skin is inflamed. he had some bloodwork done and came home with some antibiotics. apparently he needs a dental badly..but I am kind of hesitent until I know what is currently up with him. we will see what his blood work says.

mystic was beside herself because it was raining so hard she couldn't go flying around the farm. that dog does not do well being stuck in the house, she needs to be free and running around.

I simply cannot thank everyone enough for chipping in and getting stuff done for the open house..all of you guys are so very great, thank you all so very much!!!!


Bunny Horne

Heard the weather is going to be drastically improved from original forecasts.


All fingers firmly desperately crossed for Maybelle. Hang in there, monkey face.

shelagh f

I will be there Friday am to move the rest of that
stupid sand. Who's idea was that? Oh right, mine.
It must weigh about 1000 pounds by now.
The painting in the back cat area looks great, you
guys are all hired.