Rescue Journal

did the open house open hearts?

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2013

don't know..maybe for some and not for others, who knows?

well..i think it was a good weekend, the weather held, good people came to visit, the place looked great and as usual, the volunteers outdid themselves!

puff and odie both had a bit of a rough go of it...too much change in their routine. they made it thru the weekend...barely.....but they made it so that is good.

I was talking to an old friend of mine today. we both agreed that rescue is the kind of place where you have to be comfortable in what you believe. we just can't do rescue solely by the beliefs of has to come from a place inside us that is secure in what we believe.

I don't ask everyone to understand or agree with how I believe senior and special needs animals should be cared for. there are those that believe that limited resources should be used for the younger, the healthier, the ones with a whole life ahead of them. I cannot argue with that because those animals do deserve a decent chance. but for me personally, I feel a need to take care of the ones whose lives may already mostly be spent..but who spent those lives in thoughtless and careless human hands. I want to pay them back for what they gave and for what they didn't get back.

I feel no need to argue with folks that my way is the right way. I know my way is the right way for me. maybe it isn't for someone else, who am I to say what they should or should not be doing? those are their decisions to make.

saints is a possibility of what can possibly be. it is not written on a tablet of is not supported by years of social or scientific research, it not how the world absolutely must everywhere be. it is simply a possibility..not threatening, not judging, not insisting. just a simple possibility, maybe to think about, maybe to discuss, maybe to dream about or maybe to ignore or scoff about. it may not be for everybody but the possibility here is good enough for someone like me.

there are many forms of kindness and compassion, respect can be practiced by many means.

it was a good weekend..we put our best foot forward and let the animals themselves say what we mean.
they are far better communicators than I will ever be. they are just a place of possibility.

I truly believe they are beautiful here...but that is just me.



brenda i wou;ld have had to come to hope to get you. that was yesterday. lol

another Doreen

I'm glad there is at least one rescue such as SAINTS for the senior and disabled animals who wouldn't be given a chance otherwise! And that you blog and have open houses so people can see there are other options than just taking the old critter out behind the woodshed or to the vet one last time.
I wasn't able to attend the open house this year but have been twice before. And I agree that the animals and their caretakers are all beautiful souls!


When I first started volunteering with Saints, my parents didn't quite get why I wanted to drive an hour away to volunteer for seniors when there was a local shelter near by.
But more recently they have actually gotten to know the crazy and lively personalities of the many saints animals that have come through my home and they are finally starting to get why I choose to take senior and special needs animals home. Sometimes it just takes getting to know a homeless senior animal to see their true value and what happiness they can still bring to a home.

Brenda Mc

Hearts were definitely opened this weekend Carol. My favorite part of today was watching Bo with all the little kids. He was giving sloppy kisses to everyone who let him - and was especially gentle with the little ones. - and he also gave Tang a wonderful bath with his tongue at one point, which Tang seemed to thoroughly enjoy too. Nice to see this giant dog show his tender side.
I'm really sorry I missed seeing Nigel tho (one of Nicole's dogs). Lynne, you should have come and got me!! He is one of my favorite former SAINTS