Rescue Journal

parts of yesterday were...

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2013


an hour and a half for ICBC.
three hours to get the trailer out into the driveway, one inch at a time which drove the dogs insane.
a bad-ass thundering rain storm to further add to their insanity.

and little innocent squirt was hurt. he took a tooth puncture to the neck over food from that giant mass of stupidness....bobo the boob. squirty's feelings are so very hurt....and his neck hurts a little bit too.
i'd really like to add bo to the feeling some pain list but I can' not to be able to beat the crap out of idiot dogs when they so deserve it. but I am still pissed as hell.

babysitting went well with ethan yesterday..babies are so much nicer than big and stupid, greedy, grabbing dogs..i will say it again...grhhhh bo! I am so freaking unbelievably pissed off!

and I am going to stay pissed until squirt comes out of his little safe house and forgets that there is a mean, freaking dickhead somewhere around here who stuck a tooth in his neck.

poor innocence shattered babe.

nicki's sutured areas look better, the abx are doing their thing.

pepper has to go to the vets this morning, the masses in his lymph nodes are getting scary big.

benny is the biggest dog here but he is also the biggest storm afeared baby...he literally tried to climb over the back cat gate but I wouldn't let wasn't any less thundering in there. and while the cats didn't care too much about the thunder, they would not have been happy to find in their midst a 150 pound terrified polar bear.

that's all of the news from yesterday...not great but today we are all (except sad little squirt) somewhat ok.



you know what erin do not beat yourself up over it. an accident. if i was having anyone take care of my animals it would be you. you are awesome with the saints animals and things happen. hey i have been up there often enough to see how you interact with the dogs and carol is damned lucky to have you.


Yes lynne but i fucked up and handed out treats in the kitchen after i walked bo cause he was such a love on the leash. Then he decided he wanted squirts puperoni too. All my fault.


I was out walking and got home just before the pouring rain hit. Precious was dragging me home, she knew it was coming and wanted to get the hell into the house! She doesn't have fear from the thunder but our other dog sure does.


Bad Boo Boo Bo Bo..if you are going to pull a boo boo, make sure it doesn't involve a little squirt.
That was some crazy thunder storm last didn't hit Maple Ridge till about 9:30..Roxie was vibrating so much she shook the couch...and she only weighs 50 pounds.

Brenda Mc

I hope Squirt's wound, and feelings, heal quickly and he is running around the kitchen again soon. Curl up with Odie on the big bed Squirt, and be safe. He is such a sweetheart.