Rescue Journal

we lost pepper today

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2013

it was as I feared an advanced lymphoma affecting all of his lymph nodes. the vet offered the available options including chemotherapy...but it would have been a really bad idea to try that on an ancient, blind, deaf and demented little sweet dog. I was already having issues with the quality of pepper's recent life, I wasn't going to add another huge challenge. the only other real option was wait and see how he progressed..he might have a couple of days or up to a couple of weeks left. but he would still need his daily baths due to his bad skin which terrified him, he would need to be put back in the car and taken back to the vets for euthanization when he did hit the end and that too totally terrified him.
luckily today I had renee with me in the car to manage him but he still pooped and peed and frequently screamed, it was truly upsetting for him.
once he got into the exam room and could toddle around freely again, he calmed down. but I didn't want to put him thru another moment of upset if there was no hope that he would be able to get well.

pepper was another of the most vulnerable animals here. he desperately needed to be coddled and protected and helped to feel safe, I decided it was best to let this sweet little soul be free.

I love you pepper and I so wish I could have known you when you were young, healthy, and of sound mind. I bet you were an incredible dog. but I am glad all of saints was here to love and care for you when you needed someone the most.

rest in gentle peace, sweet little dog.

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So sad.... Will miss you pepper . Sitting on my lap and then listening to the whining cause you got stuck..... Behind a door.

Janice ter Borg

So thankful that Pepper had all of you to care for and love him during the latter part of his life.


This is sad sad news..such a spark of life he was..let you know when he was stuck..and didnt back down when pushed...i will miss visiting with him after barn duties. Good boy will be missed.


Sweet Pepper who loved to prance around without a care until he encountered that darn wall. Only he could get stuck behind the TV set ( thank goodness it was on wheels). I was more than happy to get him unstuck and let him know all was right in his world. All is right now for my lil friend Pepper. Run free sweet boy. I will miss you.


So sorry to hear about Pepper, but good for you Carol, for being able to see the big picture. You were right; it would have been torture for him, and to what end?

Godspeed Pepper, you soul is flying free now.


Carol - I'm saddened to read about Pepper. Thank you for taking him in and giving him a home for his last few months. RIP Pepper and damn the person who abandoned you when you had such a short time left....


That's so sad he was such a sweetie, I will miss him getting stuck in the corner when he insisted on squeezing in between the desk and the wall. Hugs to you Carol.....sweet dreams Pepper, the MP room will be really empty now!


Sweet little guy - so sad. Wow, so many losses. Run free, Pepper - no more suffering.

shelagh f

another loss for the mp room, gosh it will be so
quiet without him. No more getting stuck behind
the tv and fortunately for him, no more baths.
So sorry for all the mp crew, you have had a lot of
losses lately. Rest in peace, Pepper