Rescue Journal

heat wave

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2013

just a reminder to everyone that the heat is going to get worse...I think Tuesday is supposed to feel like 40!
very young and very elderly people and animals are so susceptible to extreme heat. so look after yourselves, your family, furry and not furry...keep on eye on senior friends and neighbors and their pets. and for mercy sakes watch for animals left in cars where ever you go, this is the time of year to leave pets safely at home!

I ditched my family today..we were supposed to do a family lunch. but there was stuff I had to get done around here to protect our animals from the heat and the sun.
I bought a couple of more big pop up shade shelters and we got those set up for the mini pigs and outside the big dog room. if anyone is looking for cheap but decent for $62 each..super easy to put up too!

by the time I got the barn put to bed I was slick with sweat again. while wills and charlotte grazed around in the shade of the big pasture, the dogs had a swim and a run in the cool lower field. I sat in the shade on the hill and drank percy's one last leftover can of was partially frozen but it sure went down nice after sweating so bad.

glad it is finally cooling off a bit tonight..but tomorrow is going to be even hotter...yikes!



Please remember too to walk your dogs in the early morning or evening when it's cool out :) I read somewhere that hot pavement can burn their paws.