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Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2013

usually I am fairly happy to be back at work...not this time. I am out rushing around in the hottest and busiest part of the day. I had to call lynne to come check on our guys. there was no way I could whip home on my break cuz I didn't get one. oh freaking yay. i don't get home until almost 10, nor to bed until midnight by the time everyone has re-settled and then i still wake up at 6. it sucks! I am thinking about going back on vacation until the cooler weather sets in...or at least until these crappy afternoon shifts are finished.

note to myself; do not come back from vacation onto late shifts in a heat wave..bad mood just waiting to happen.

yesterday before work, i had to take my car in to get an oil leak fixed and the barn water tanks pump in to get fixed cuz it wouldn't fire up yesterday. i was supposed to go back in this morning to pick up a different pump but luckily ray had another one he could set up and then he brought up and installed here yesterday. which is a very good thing because the well is going to crap out any moment now.....yay ray!!!

renee and erin are going to take turns staying later til 5 this week so the house guys aren't alone for so long. my hot and crappy afternoon shifts do not work any better for them.
i wish i didn't still have such a big mortgage..retirement would look pretty damn good right now...why did i used to think that i really liked working????
no idea but i am sure i thought that before it got hot. i might be freaking out trying to make sure the animals are cool but no one gives a shit if people are working and flying around dripping sweat in this heat. well i freaking care...right now.

where is the rain? please let it rain. it will cool off the air, fill up the well, water the grass, and make an old, hot nurse really happy. all very good things.

big sigh. let it go carol, everyone is freaking hot.
not near done bitching but i guess i could quit blog bitching at least for now cuz it is fairly cool this early morning which is kind of nice.


Ellen Nickerson

All the rain is in Nova Scotia. We even had a basement full to spare.

Bunny Horne

Carol, sooooo sorry we can't assist, BUT I just went downstairs to Costco and they had a special event roadshow of aroma therapy products. OH NO, run Bunny run. So check your bathroom when Brent finishes installing your new lock - there will be some fabulous relaxation items for you - all natural, hand made from Sechelt. Hopefully you can hang on until Sunday.


Carol, I also can come out in the afternoon/evening to cover time that they will be alone - Please let me know.


hey carol i can come out again about 730 each night until you are back on days and spend some time with the animals. i have no problem doing that. they like to get outside for a short time. let me know either on here or phone me. have a good day.