Rescue Journal

how great thou art.

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2013

this is it..only one day off so I better make it count and not screw up!

I already picked up this weeks barn strawberries and bananas on my dinner break yesterday so at least I don't have to hit the grocery store.i am thinking I might have to hit the feed store tho..I will dig around in the feed freezers and figure out what we need for the next week. I have to pick up and settle in preacher and I should pay some down on all of our vet accounts so I need to see how much money there is.
oh and I should set up a safe spot for boomer cuz I won't be here when he and dawn get here on sunday.

I think that is all of the critical stuff, then just reg. meds and barn bedtime...I hope it is not too hot today!

my gut says today might be crap out day for the well...I guess we will see.

I am so glad that stretch of evening shifts is done..i think just one more evening on Tuesday but sun/mon are dayshifts so that is better all around.

so boomer arrives tomorrow and then there is a little senior dog whose elderly owner has gone into facility care most likely be coming some day soon. I haven't heard anything on the LA dogs but I am not in a hurry or panic as they will or will not get here eventually too.

i'd like to think that fate has a plan and the animals who really need to get here, do find a way. but maybe it is just timing and luck....and that pretty much sucks cuz luck has a habit of not being around all that much when the going gets tough for someone. is what it is or not.

in senior rescue it doesn't really matter where they are coming from...horrid abuse, apathetic neglect, or just something simple like families are moving and can't or won't take the pets. they will or will not get a new home depending on their Xfactor. X being their human attraction appeal. cuz here they will still be old, wrecked, maybe sick, maybe incontinent.

cc came from a nightmare, she is a beautiful PB smaller dog but you can't knock 10 years off a 15 year old, restore her hearing, erase her separation anxiety or make her reliably pee out in the yard. her very sad story, her beauty, her personality won't get her what she needs because she has just too many not so human appealing kind of things.

quite frankly I am stunned that in all of her years here no one has ever seriously tried to adopt mini me....are you kidding me? that dog is like a warm and fuzzy, heart and soul filling pure sunlight machine.

whatever...too late now, she has been here for far too long and her time left is far too short to be dicking around with her ancient yet so very cheerful heart.
if we had more adoptions, we could reliably help more dogs. but the fact of the matter is if they are going to live out their lives here...sometimes like mini for years..well our space is limited until they pass on.

whatever..that is not my problem is getting in who we can and seeing them happily and comfortably thru to great home or peaceful death.

I am wondering how great will be these new old wrecked guys about to come in? I bet they are pretty damn great...can't wait to meet all of them.

I am so lucky to be so surrounded by such greatness. honestly, the rest of the "messed up seniors just aren't all that appealing" world is just stupid.
these guys all have the Xfactor for me!



My goal today is to sort out the other surrender requests so you'll get a delightful call from me later trying to figure that out.