Rescue Journal

life goes on....

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2013

I was in a panic to get home before dark so I could give Gideon his second supper. just made it..barely.
the problem with basically halving his rations (even tho he wasn't ever eating the full rations anyway) is I am morally bound to get him the 2nd half of his supper WITHOUT FAIL (even if I am working a late shift.)
I am glad I hauled ass out of work, rushed and made the effort...he was nosing a completely empty bowl and looking for more. I happily can now see him in the cameras, happily chowing down...again. yay gideon!

the other issue with this second supper idea is..Gideon does not live alone in the barn. I am not such an insensitive lout that I cannot clearly feel 10 extra hopeful eyes on me (3 horses, one donkey and one princess pig,.... the sheep thankfully weren't looking at me.)... really waiting to see what late night treat they also might get now. I quickly gave each of them an apple and then darted out of the barn before they stopped chewing and started looking around for more.

I am so happy Gideon is right into this new style of eating every couple of hours!!!! less is more if you do it over and over again.

tomorrow arrive 2 of the new dogs...nicky, the 12 yr old snapping cocker and maddy, the old rotten mouth mini me look a like whose owner has gone into care. baby the lonely sheep arrives on Thursday.

apparently my decision to once again help a handful of senior American dogs is up for discussion on the message board. I haven't read the thread cuz I don't go there so not sure what is being said. but i bet it isn't all that great.
honestly...who gives a shit? A. I am American and can help a few senior going to soon be dead dogs from my previous country if I feel like it and B. this freaking displaced American helps HUNDREDS of senior Canadian dogs.
i more than pay my rescue dues on this side of the border. and i LIKE being able to get a few old hopeless farts out of the death trap shelters in LA once in a while...and those old dogs like it too!

whatever..i will focus on the real business of rescue...helping animals in trouble.

speaking of...
the end result on preacher is...we have pretty much paid close to 4 thousand dollars to save a young cat who will forever leak urine and periodically drip liquid pooh. maybe it doesn't sound like such an awesome deal, but preacher thinks we made a stellar great deal.

what is a life worth?

i guess it depends on how much the owner of that life enjoys living it.

preach is pretty damn happy and over the moon...glad we were able to help him thru. and bonus...he hasn't a clue he is disabled.
at the end of the day even if we couldn't achieve a full cure for him, at least what we got is good enough as far as he is concerned.



Preacher is a pretty special little guy. A great personality and a wonderful attitude about life. To think of him never having the opportunity to experience SAINTS, it would have been our loss.

Bunny Horne

I agree with Janet - do NOT waste one minute of your time on negative entries - period. Use those valuable minutes to make your life better and the lives of those in your care. No wonder Preacher is glued to you and your keyboard - he is smart enough to realize he won the lottery and apparently he is grateful enough to let you know how appreciative he is.

janet nicholson

That Gideon is a wonder horse - so glad he is eating and enjoying life. As for the people who like to bitch about what you do - I bet they are too busy bitching to haul their asses to the shelters and save a life - an animal in need is exactly that - who cares what country it comes from - the animals don't care. Clever of you not to read their crap - don't waste your time - you are far too busy taking care of your loved ones - all of them - even the dickheads.

another Doreen

Yay Gideon and Preacher! And Boomer the newest bed buddy, whoever introduced him to it!

About the "American" dogs: I assume that SAINTS gets some "American" donations, so isn't taking a few American dogs a way of paying back (or paying it forward)?
And I wonder how many of the protesters support the American economy by crossing the border to buy "cheap" gas, etc?
The animals don't have a clue about our arbitrary borders, they just appreciate life, especially in a caring home!