Rescue Journal

role reversal

Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2013

maddy got happier as the night worn on. in the end I had a hard time sleeping because she kept licking my eyes and thumping my arm with her foot whenever I stopped petting her. but this was a vast improvement over the shivering, you are such a monster look I was getting earlier.

nikki however once she was finally done hoovering, decided she was just here for dinner and then wanted to go home. she slept by the door on the floor, waiting for it to open.

ah well, new dogs come to terms with here and settle in their own unique ways.

boomer is well over the hump and cheerfully on the road to good times. we will see how long it takes maddy and nikki to join him, hopefully it is only a day or two.

preacher never even encountered the hump, he just jumped from cheery adventure to more cheerier adventuring.

logistically, this has worked out pretty good. the new guys are all an appropriate mix for my bed/big dog rooms (except preacher..he ain't ever getting into there!). the LA dogs if and when they get here can as a group, easily fit into the mp room.

I LOVE these new play yards, so much sturdier, attractive and versatile than xpens. I think I should ask my daughter to order me a couple more, they are pretty damn useful. I am setting one up in the mp room for safe bedtimes for the chi's when they get here and the other in there will be for max and chance when they need to be safely confined to protect their skin. and that frees up the laundry room, yay! no more dogs to step over and max gets safely back to his beloved mp room and his max happy shelf of toys.

life is good for all is the ultimate goal. we are well on the way as long as no one coming from LA is a dickhead..won't know that til they get here tho.