Rescue Journal

attention barn folks

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2013

1. new shavings are being delivered on Tuesday . we are pretty low so go as easy on them as you can.
2. we moved summer into Dixie's old barn. she is to stay in the barn until she settles. she is a jumper (she already jumped out of the stall in the big barn. so leave the upper door closed at all times and be careful going in and out so she doesn't escape, she is still a bit freaked out and panics easily. the upper door to the riding ring is already fenced so she can get light and fresh air in thru there. DO NOT LET HER GET OUT.
she is not pregnant as per the ultrasound. she does have arthritic knees and she will be on injectable metacam 3x a week for now. not to worry about that tho we gave her a dose today and will put her on Mon/wed/fri med routine.
3. we had the vet look at baby because she is stiff and painful when moving. she has an old ligament injury, plus most likely some old age arthritis. she also will be on injectible metacam mon/wed/fri. the vet wants her to stay fairly well confined for the first couple of weeks until the antiinflammatory meds can kick in. so she will be in the old sheep stall alone at night with annie and Elizabeth back in the aisle, next to her. she is to stay in the stall during the day while the other two are out in the field but bring annie and Elizabeth back into the barn yard area once the dogs are gone and let baby out to wander around the barn with them. I will close her back in at bedtime.
4. Gideon's feeding:
breakfast: 1/2 a large scoop step 4
1/2 a small scoop of bran
1 cool calories
mix with a full jug of water into a sloppy wet mess, mound his food up into the center of his bowl. cut up 3 apples in 8ths (don't slice them, leave them in small chunks) and sprinkle on top of his food.

he has been getting several very small lunches...same as above but use one small scoop for the step 4, 1/4 small scoop for bran and about 1/3 of the water to make the sloppy wet mess. 2 apples should do fine.

every time he comes over to the barn yard gate, drop everything and feed him. he is eating anywhere from 4-6 times between breakfast and dinner.

any questions on anything call me on my cell phone and I should be home for lunch.



boomer can go out to the barn with everyone, maddy won't get off the bed anyway and nikki is on an indefinite time out in the laundry area for picking on angel.


Carol, do Boomer, Maddy & Nikki have unrestricted access to the outside?