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bitching about the REAL world again, where pretty much nothing makes any sense.

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2013

staffing called last pm to offer me 2 different shifts for today. one was a mission casual shift, the other was an overtime shift at my reg. work. they called me a few times on wed and thursday too. I was tired after only one day off last time around and some overtime too. I needed these three days off to recoup...hopefully undisturbed.
it is to the point where I see the number calling and don't even bother answering the phone anymore. this is what happened 15 years ago when I finally left the hospital..multiple daily phone calls on off time asking you to work, and work, and work some more. you couldn't get away from it and the continuous demand of it burns you out.... looks like it is starting all over again in homecare....history repeats itself, over and over again.

there is a reason for this..the healthcare corporate mindset does not manage their human resources very well. on the front line a body is just a body..every body is just one tiny interchangeable part of the herd. the individuals of the herd have no value of themselves so no one really looks after them. and some dumbo's actually treat the herd as a whole like is not such a smart thing to do because the herd itself is critical to success. soon individuals start dropping... disillusion, fatique, illness, burnout, leads to herd member investment death. suddenly the herd ain't so big, strong and healthy anymore and more pressure is placed on the ones still there to continue to meet the purpose of the herd. and people like me stop answering the freaking phone cuz it keeps ringing constantly!

It really is a stupid and self defeating way to manage people. a herd is only as strong and willing to help and profit the whole as its individuals. take good care of the little guy and he will be healthy and happy in a good and strong herd and the rest of us won't have to pick up an overwhelming load.
this just makes sense to me.

oh well..whatever, while history again repeats itself... it's just as easy for me not to answer the phone.



It's not just a problem in Canada, the NHS in the UK is just as bad. This is what happens when you exchange knowledgable medical staff with "managers". Unfortuneately most "managers" are like diapers.. They hang around your arse and are full of s**t. That's when they have taken their head out of their own arse first. let medical staff run the health systems and they would work much better at a reduced cost, insted of crap like costing $100's to change a lightbulb.


I worked in home are here in Williams Lake for years....same's why I left.

shelagh f

too bad we are far away. SMH day surgery area is
a great place to work. Mon to Friday, closed by
2100, all senior nurses with lots of experience.
Home Care can be a tough gig and there never seems
to be enough nurses for the workload. We all need
days off to recharge, and most do not have another
full time job when they are not at the first full
time job.


I couldn't agree more.
Having said that, be careful what you write on a public 'forum' such as this because Big Brother or Sister might be watching...
CRNBC has strict regulations prohibiting even oblique public remarks about specific patients or patient related events even if the patient's identity is not revealed. Most employers--especially the health authorities--as part of one's contract, prohibit the public airing of 'dirty laundry'. It is a sad state of affairs when those 'in the know' and who are best to provide the most workable solutions (ie the employees) cannot publicly speak out about the problems they witness within the system.

another Doreen

Unfortunately that is not just limited to Health care :(
I've heard it referred to as "bums in seats", doesn't seem to matter whose bum or what unique gifts they could bring to the job.

Ellen Nickerson

I put up with the same bull shit for 34 years and the longer I stayed, the worse it got. 2 years after I retired, they up and fired the whole herd and hired abunch of LPN's who had never worked in a Detox before.It doesn't matter what provience you live in health care is in the same kind of mess.


Not to rub it in..but just a reminder..i am not around sat..sitting on a ferry to denman island right bbq and good friends..a great way to spend my day..see you sunday


off topic, i am putting together 2 volunteer tables. so far i have me and someone, maggie, dionne and mon, brent and bunny, brenda mc, ko have i missed anyone who asked me to go in or could we geat 7 more to make up 2 tables. please blog or email me thanks.