Rescue Journal

one mastiff out...

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2013

two mastiff's in???? bo went out on a trial adoption with some good friends of lynne's. while i was doing up the adoption forms, cc came by to talk to me about those old sick mastiffs from a previous seizure that might want to come in.

serendipity seems to know what is going to go on around here before i even know!



Im excited! Bo deserves this :) tell them to post pics on fb! And new mastiffs in? These are not the abby spca mastiffs?


bo is doing great he is fitting in very well with the family. 6 kids he loves that he likes their other little dog hes sniffing around and checking things out i do not forsee any problems. yeah for bo and yeah for the family. hope the other mastiffs do well at saints.