Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2013

mini me has some new eye drops but the pressures are good in her eyes.

daph has 2 new bladder stones, plus some sandy grit. we will wait for the lab results and hopefully they are struvite and dissolvable. i do want to remind everyone that the food in my bedroom is urinary dry food only and daph should only be getting urinary canned food (and she needs this 2x per day.)

the big boys seem to like the office, they seem quite comfortable in there. i took them out again for the pm run. riley just laid on the hill with his back pressing against my legs. capone wandered for a little bit and then joined us lounging on the hill. they both liked watching mystic, june and boomer play and none of us saw much of jake cuz he was busy sniffing out stuff.

fritz is still pissed off, waiting on him finding his happy cat once again.
nikki has been moved into the computer room and she is way happier in here.

jazz is currently up in the laundry room because lately she is being quite bad (biting visitors ankles, freaking out shane,) she is getting too full of herself and needs to come down a peg or two. she will cuz she is not so pushy and self assured in the laundry area..methinks she knows she has been bad!

aww...sweet dog. nikki is climbing up on my lap and giving tiny kisses. so sweet. so shy. making new friends is always tough.

curt took the guts out of my computer, he will put them back when it is fixed.
thx curt!!!



thx maggie and kevin but if i am going to need a new computer, this time aroundf i would like to get something smaller that i can get away from the floor..the dust and animal hair are a killer on the machines so i might as well be proactive and try to find one that i can keep on the desk and away from the floor. i will look around when i have a chance to see what might work ok around here.
in the mean time i am ok with the lap top, curt got the internet cord to reach better so it is not such a pain in the butt.


So sorry Lynne. He was a wonderful dog and I thoroughly enjoyed his company out at the barn. Pretty special boy.


Alright. let me know when you are ready for computer info swap. I think you might be able to get a tower from Digital Abby in Mission for about 450ish and use the hard drive I have here from your machine


i don't want anything added or changed to the mac is for back up only when the main computer is down. i will pick up a new tower.

Carol Ann

So sorry Lynne. Those Labs can sure get under your skin and into your heart. RIP Beautiful Buddy, you are loved.


I have all your pics ready to drop on the mac on Sunday. Don't think that I can revive that computer. Put out the feelers with people I know for a computer donation


so sorry lynne and so thankful he had a great home at the end. i will do up buddy's obit when my computer is back and i have access to uploading pics again.


(((hug))) So sorry lynn. Blond buddy was such a sweetie and will live on inside your heart. RIP Good Dog.


hi Carol,
I just hung up from talking to the nicest lady at the cartrophen distributers. The very excellent news is thatthey ship to the US all the time.
My Max and I thank you for the link!

Bunny Horne

Lynne, I am so very sorry. You were lucky to have each other and thank you for making his final days so wonderful.


Oh, sorry Lynne. You have lost too many sweet old souls lately. It is so hard, but you gave them a safe happy place for their final days.


So sorry Lynne - he was lucky to end his days with you, in a happy place, surrounded by love.


Thank you for giving him a home he deserved. I'm so sorry for your loss.



At least you gave him a good (better) end of life then what he had before Saints (isn't that what Saints is all about)?


Sorry, Lynne. And thanks for giving such a loving home in his last days


Im sorry lynne. We will all sure miss him on our walks. Our herd is pretty frigging thin now. You gave him the best thing he couldve had, a home for the rest of his life. Something about yellow labs, both buddy and wilma were o so soft.


So Sorry Lynne. Buddy was a lovely, and very soft dog. I'm glad you found each other.


Lynne, sorry to hear about Buddy. You gave him a great home and he will always be with you.
"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened"
Dr. Suess


i just wanted to say that i lost blonde buddy today. he was not eating, had lost weight and just lost hs will to live. i am so glad i had him for the final months of his life, he was very sweet with just the most big soulful brown eyes ever. i love you buddy rip and thankyou to carol for letting me bring this beautiful boy home.